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Oct 16, 2017
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4 Android Apps for Providing Top-Notch Customer Service on the Go

Check out four customer service apps designed for Android devices that your agents can use to provide superior service anytime, anywhere.

Ankita SinghAnalyst

When you're a customer, what is the one thing—apart from pricing—that would make you want to choose one company's product or service over another?

I bet it would be customer service. The way a brand interacts with its customers is one of the biggest factors that can affect a buying decision.

To help you provide outstanding customer service-and stay one step ahead of the competition-you can leverage software to more efficiently deliver customer support. And, choosing a platform that offers a mobile app means you can respond to customer questions and issues from anywhere.

In this article, we're listing five great Android apps for customer service with a brief overview of the features and pricing for each.

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Vision Helpdesk

Vision Helpdesk offers an Android app so you can provide support across email, Twitter, Facebook, phone, web portal, and chat while you're on the go.

The app offers ticket management functionality, which allows support reps to manage, categorize, prioritize and assign tickets to the appropriate staff from a centralized location.

Each email is parsed and converted into a ticket automatically to save time, and you can further customize tickets to prioritize them according to your business's needs. You can also manage client profiles and histories, notes, tickets, invoices, credits and subcontacts in one place using the Android app for Vision Helpdesk.

Pricing: Starts at $7 per agent per month

Caption: Tickets overview in Vision Helpdesk (Source: Google Play)

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Zoho Desk

With the Zoho Desk Android app, you can organize tickets by priority based on deadline and customer type. Agents have complete ticket management with the ability to create, view, edit, and delete tickets from other departments. Agents can edit, close, and move through the tickets by swiping. The app also allows agents to view all activity related to a ticket, including comments, responses, attachments, and other information.

Agents can receive notifications and updates about contacts, accounts, and tickets, and they can even upload images to a ticket for better visual identification. They can also save responses as drafts to edit and send later.

A team feed makes it easier for team members to collaborate remotely with the tagging feature, and agents can pass tickets to other colleagues or departments to ensure that the ticket is resolved by the most appropriate party.

Pricing: Starts at $12 per agent per month (There is also a free version for 10 users and one email address)

Caption: Team collaboration in the Zoho Desk Android app (Source: Google Play)

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The LiveChat customer service app for Android allows you to chat with your customers while on the go. You can greet visitors who are browsing your website and chat with them using tag-based canned responses.

LiveChat's app also helps you prioritize your chats by assigning more urgency to the chats that need the most attention. You can also use the app for training purposes, with the ability to supervise chats and guiding agents throughout the chat session.

The app also allows you to easily access previous chat history, so you can refer back to previous conversations as needed with minimal effort.

Pricing: Starts at $16 per seat per month

Caption: Site visitor view on LiveChat's Android app (Source: livechat.com)

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ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus

ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus offers an Android app that makes it possible to create, edit, assign, and resolve tickets while on the move. Users can filter support requests into a category, such as unassigned, pending, open, etc. to prioritize them. Agents can also view, create, edit, and delete requests ticket requests across departments.

The Android app from SupportCenter Plus gives users complete visibility into a request's status along with active support representatives. Search for requests using the request ID or user account details. Users can also add or modify the time of the entry and resolution.

Pricing: Available on request

Caption: View and manage requests from different business units in ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus (Source: Google Play)

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