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Apr 21, 2016
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Alternatives to Oracle Eloqua for Marketing Automation

Oracle Eloqua has been a long-standing leader in the world of marketing, but what other alternatives to Oracle Eloqua are out there?

Suzie BlaszkiewiczSenior Analyst

Oracle is a popular name in business software, but for small and midsized businesses, many of its solutions are unaffordable or impractical. Take Oracle Eloqua- the marketing automation solution starts at a hefty $2000 a month for just 10 users, and while it is feature rich with customer segmentation, social media monitoring, drip and multi-channel marketing, and content creation tools, it may be too complex for the needs of a small or midsized business.

Luckily, there are many established Oracle Eloqua alternatives for marketing automation that offer varying features, functionality, and pricing that could be better suited to your company.


In terms of scalability, Infusionsoft is a good alternative to Oracle Eloqua. With built in CRM, project management, e-commerce, and of course, marketing automation capabilities, Infusionsoft has a full suite of options that can contribute to the entire marketing process. Its marketing tool set includes email marketing, social sharing, landing pages, and automated campaigns, and coming in at $199 a month, is an affordable option, even for small businesses.

Says GetApp reviewer Justin Lofton, "it allows small businesses to scale and operate like a big company without the necessary staff that is usually necessary to grow."

Another GetApp reviewer says, "with Infusionsoft we were also able to stream processes such as email marketing, sales pipeline, CRM and customization of our customer email marketing program."


Autopilot is a visual marketing automation and email marketing tool with a focus on the customer journey. With tools that connect email marketing, SMS, and in-app messaging, Autopilot tries to create a seamless experience for customer interaction by tracking journeys and sending follow-up marketing depending on interaction. Integration with Salesforce also makes it easy to capture data and leads from multiple sources.

Notably, Autopilot is one of the most affordable alternatives to Oracle Eloqua, starting at just $20 a month. Says GetApp reviewer John Thieling, co-founder of Voticker, "marketing automation is the dream of every business. Unfortunately, that dream usually comes with a hefty price tag. No hefty price tag with Autopilot! Their feature set is comparable to some of the biggest names in marketing automation, but for a fraction of the cost…"


Oracle Eloqua alternative ActiveCampaign specializes in email marketing and allows you to monitor and listen to your customer's interactions to hone your campaigns. Tracking these customers and getting personal and behavioural data helps to develop relationships and, using ActiveCampaign's segmentation function, will let you create custom campaigns targeted at specific users.

Similar to Autopilot, it's also been noted for its competitive pricing given its feature set, starting at just $9 a month. Says GetApp reviewer Julian Kingman, "the features rival those of high end automation suites (which cost in the $1,000's), with tracking and tons of automation options, at an extremely competitive price."


Marketo is an Oracle Eloqua alternative that offers straight marketing automation features including email marketing, marketing automation, inbound marketing, social media marketing, and reporting and analytics. It does fall on the pricy end of the scale, running you up $1195 a month, but if you're looking to get away from the Oracle name, it's a popular option.

With an easy to use and intuitive interface, users have seen the benefits of Marketo for working with sales teams and getting results. As GetApp reviewer Miguel Harari says, "Marketo is excellent. This software allows you to manage leads and work with your sales team. The interface is easy to use and has enabled us to much more easily create landing pages and email campaigns."

If you're already using other software, Marketo has also been praised by some users for seamless integrations, especially with Salesforce.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Speaking of Salesforce, it's family of products includes its own marketing automation tool, Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly ExactTarget). With a greater focus on email marketing, the app offers extensive email marketing tools like A/B testing, drag and drop segmentation, personalization, and built-in templates, not to mention seamless Salesforce integration, as well as integration with other CRMs including Pipeliner CRM. Pricing for Salesforce's Marketing Cloud starts at $400 per month.

According to GetApp reviewer Nick Timmons, "marketing automation is hugely important to any business looking to scale their user base. SFDC's [salesforce.com] Marketing Cloud allows all communications that go to customers to be tracked, seamlessly within your overall SFDC instance. Campaigns to different groups are a cinch to setup. They have a nice, graphic UI for overall management, much better than the core SFDC stuff, for sure. Overall, this is a great tool to add to your company toolkit."


The popular marketing automation and sales management platform HubSpot- starting at $200 a month- has been highly regarded by many of its users as one of the best all-in-one marketing and sales products on the market in terms of usability, flexibility, and customer service. With its marketing automation tools offering analytics for different marketing channels, landing page creation, and social media management, HubSpot is a really powerful tool for anyone looking to amp up their marketing automation efforts.

Says one GetApp reviewer, "HubSpot offers excellence across the board in its feature offerings. While individual competitors may have a stronger offerings (sic) in certain areas, HubSpot's strength is in its all-in-one approach and the fact that each tool in its platform is very strong."


As a lead management and marketing automation tool, Net-Results is a full suite solution that offers lead generation, lead nurturing, email marketing, and social media management options, as well as integration with big CRM platforms including Salesforce, SugarCRM, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Coming in at $800 a month, Net-Results' ease of use is what has attracted many users.

Source: Net-Results YouTube Channel

GetApp reviewer Tara Jackson says, "this tool is extremely user-friendly, which has allowed us to create campaigns, emails, and forms on the fly. The campaign reporting tools are excellent and have been very helping (sic) in analyzing how well one campaign is performing over another."

What's your favorite Oracle Eloqua alternative?

Despite being a well-known brand in business apps, Oracle products are not always affordable or practical for non-enterprise users. Depending on whether you're looking for pricing, features, or scalability, you're certain to find an Oracle Eloqua alternative that will give you all of the marketing automation functionality that's most suited for your business, at the right price.

Which marketing automation solutions have you tried? Share with us in the comments below.

Original article published on October 13th, 2014.

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