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Dec 20, 2016
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7 Help Desk Apps to Leave Customers Satisfied

 You need to solve customers’ problems and sustain your business. Picking the right help desk app helps you put your best face forward.

Matt Mullarkey-TonerAnalyst

Your responsiveness to your customers’ problems is the key to sustaining your business. In the increasingly social online landscape, your help desk is pushed to the forefront—out on display for all your customers, friends, fans, and followers to see. Picking the right virtual help desk software helps you put your best face forward.

With a growing plethora of help desk offerings, it’s understandably difficult to know which one is right for you. That’s why I’ve put together a list of 8 popular help desk apps.

The criteria used to choose the apps was based upon user reviews as well as the app’s presence in our Category Leader ranking for Help Desk & Ticketing software.

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The Salesforce-powered Desk.com is used by companies such Hailo, Munchery, and Vimeo. Being a part of the Salesforce family means that it will integrate with other products such as Salesforce Sales Cloud and SalesforceIQ. Desk offers a powerful self-service online center that makes it easier for customers to solve their own problems.

Desk.com features:

  • Multilingual support (7 languages)

  • Flex pricing

  • Business dashboards

  • Mobile app support

  • Productivity tools, pre-canned responses, and bulk editing

  • Advanced reporting

  • Unified support channels

Average user rating: 4.15/5

One GetApp user writes, “The interface is very simple, so there is no learning curve I’ve noticed. It also features push notifications so that you can quickly respond to any incoming ticket. The [interface], like I said is simple, which also can present its problems. I wish [it] had more advanced features. Though, I must give it credit: it can sort by tags, and much much more than other competitor apps in customer support.”

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Although HappyFox can be used by most departments in a company, it’s mostly used by IT departments. But that doesn’t mean that it’s geared towards tech companies; this virtual help desk software is often used in education, retail, travel, IT services, non-profit, government, telecom, healthcare, and real estate industries. Some large organizations that use HappyFox include Sony DADC, Whirlpool, and Sennheiser.

HappyFox features:

  • Detailed reporting

  • SLA management


  • Scheduled reports

  • Merge tickets

  • Community forum

  • Canned actions

  • Personalize Queue

Average user rating: 4.68/5

GetApp user Dale Buck writes, “We have been using HappyFox [for] 2 years now and we are very pleased with it. It save[s] us so much time in the sense that most customers ask the same questions over and over again. Its ticket support system really helps in solving customers’ issues very quickly. It also has a built-in knowledge base, end-user support portal, and community forum. Overall this is a very good tool to have and can be recommended also.”

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Zendesk is a virtual help desk software that makes for a great fit for a company that is growing and can afford to spend a little extra. Some of the perks of Zendesk include advanced email (one of the eight places they take customer data from) features and an in depth self-service knowledge portal that’s populated with questions from Zendesk users. Another interesting feature of Zendesk is its “triggers” system. Essentially, you can set a trigger for a specific event (e.g. one of your biggest customers submits a ticket, triggering an alert to your customer service agents to help ASAP) in order to save time and also automate your business. Some of Zendesk’s clients include 20th Century Fox, Vodafone, and Xerox.

ZenDesk features:

  • Advanced reporting and analytics

  • Multi-channel support (email, phone, web, social media, etc.)

  • Native iOS and Android apps

  • Screencasting

  • Customer-facing Web interface

  • Public and private forums

  • Export tickets to CSV

  • More than 100 third-party integrations

Average user rating: 4.29/5

GetApp user Anne-Sophie Bachelard writes, “We use it for our company support for our several products and general information, and it’s very easy for us to follow our clients’ needs and questions. We can easily attribute the ticket to the correct person and see the story of the client. All the team can follow the state of each ticket and interact if necessary.”

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LiveAgent takes every bit of customer feedback that it receives and turns it into a support ticket. These tickets could come from channels including emails, live chats, tweets, and Facebook messages. LiveAgent then sorts out all of the customer feedback and uses an algorithm to decide which agents should receive the request; that way agents receive a manageable amount of tickets. LiveAgent has also designed a chat system (as opposed to using a third party) which allows more flexibility for customers and customer service agents.

Features of LiveAgent include :

  • Intelligent spam filter

  • Gamification

  • Extendable with plugins or API

  • Audit log

  • Automatic ticket distribution

  • File sharing

  • Help center

  • Analytics

  • Service-level agreement (SLA)

  • Hybrid tickets

Average user rating: 4.75/5

GetApp user Yasaf Burshan writes, “LiveAgent is a feature rich customer support platform that enables business user to engage, interact and handle customers and leads support life cycles. LiveAgent ability to collect inputs from multiple channels and process them at a central location helps to make sure that no customer request is overlooked.”

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Freshdesk is specifically aimed at small to mid-size businesses. It’s got a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, especially for employees who might not be familiar with help desk software. It’s also highly customizable: you can either use predefined themes or you can customize by using Javascript or CSS code. There are also pragmatic perks to Freshdesk such as its advanced notifications. These handy notifications do things like an alert to let you know if another agent is working on a ticket (plus live-typing notifications) and “ticket watchers,” which allows you to keep track of tickets that are of interest to you.

Freshdesk features:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys

  • Multi-product support

  • Advanced reports

  • Multi-channel support (email, phone, chat, social)

  • Integrated game mechanics

  • Community portal

Average user rating: 4.35/5

GetApp user Jason Thomas writes, “This is a simple to use, yet robust helpdesk platform that we currently utilize in two different departments within my org (IT and Maintenance), to make ticket creation and management simple. I also use this as an example when other helpdesk vendors ask me what it would take to get my business—if they can’t at least match the features and price, there’s no reason to have that discussion. We’re customers of both the free and paid version (two separate help desks in use), but the introduction of both within my organization have been overwhelmingly received as positive, and our maintenance department sings its praises almost daily.”

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Kayako shines via its customization options. You can customize tickets and live chat forms, and you can also create specific work flows and customize ticket statuses, types, and priorities. You can also update customer profiles with custom fields. Kayako’s SLA plans are designed in a user-friendly way and they can be tailored for different categories of clients. Some of Kayako’s clients include Toshiba, FedEx, and Kraft Foods.

Kayako Features:

  • Real-time visitor monitoring

  • Zapier integration

  • Multi-lingual customer support

  • Robust customization

  • Native mobile apps for iOS and Android

  • Advanced SLA control

Average user rating: 4.06/5

Capterra (sister of GetApp) user Ray Schaser writes, “I worked with Kayako Helpdesk for over half a year and liked the system generally speaking. The configuration was not too complicated and the system was generally speaking intuitive. I would recommend it for small-medium sized businesses that are offering support for their customers.”

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TeamSupport is aimed at organizations that work in the B2B space and technology companies. It also encourages teams, rather than individuals, to get resolve issues. TeamSupport suggests imaging their app as a Facebook (or maybe Workplace by Facebook) that is only for employees. They can then ask questions, discuss customers’ issues, and provide support to one another. Agents can also like each other’s posts to identify which are the most helpful.

TeamSupport features:

  • Product and inventory tracking

  • Integrated screen recordings

  • Tagging and ticket queues

  • Ticket collision prevention

  • Easy to implement

  • Software version and asset tracking

  • Rights management

Average user score : 4.47/5

GetApp user Jean-Paul van Tongeren writes, “I have worked with many help-desk ticketing systems over the last 20 years, but TeamSupport is really helping me every day. So easy to use [whether] it is on your Mac, Windows, phone or tablet. Customers always have a update, and you save time, so you can do more supporting them. Look forward to more features, will recommend this system to anyone.”

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Still hungry for more virtual help desk software?

If you’re interested in finding out more, be sure to check out GetApp’s Category Leader ranking for help desk software and ticketing. If you have any questions or experience with any of these apps, let us know in the comments below!

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