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May 18, 2017
Time Tracking

Trello Time Tracking Tools to Turbo-Charge Your Productivity

Easily track time, set project estimations, and monitor your team's productivity with these Trello time tracking app integrations.

Rhiân DaviesContent Analyst

In a previous job of mine, the daily reminders from managers to input our work hours into our incredibly convoluted and clunky timesheet was always met with an audible scramble to our computers. We periodically forgot to update our timesheets because of their inaccessible nature, and we joked that we needed to input how much time we spent actually using the timesheets.

We viewed timesheets as a necessary evil that was just another extra task, but that's because we didn't have an established time tracking process for project management. It would have been invaluable if we had access to previous time tracking data to support an estimated project length or to hold other departments accountable for missed completion dates.

Trello is one of the most popular project collaboration tools on the market, which also integrates with a myriad of time tracking apps to help:

  • Evaluate how much time is spent on individual tasks

  • Track levels of productivity

  • Reassign resources to projects and tasks based on completion time

  • Estimate project completion times and profitability

  • Generate reports and invoices.

To help you decide which app might fit your particular use of Trello best, we've searched through our user reviews for the best Trello and time tracking app integrations.

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Trello time tracking apps


Everhour is a time tracking and estimation app that allows users to see task completion estimations, logged time, and overtime within Trello cards. The integration has specific functionality for generating comprehensive reports of a whole team's task activity, selecting a desired date range, and building these detailed reports with multiple data points.

Key features of Everhour:

  • Calendar management

  • Project time estimation

  • Workflow management

  • Budget management

  • Data synchronization.

One reviewer comments on Everhour's efficiency:

I like that Everhour is straightforward and functional. I also love that it integrates with Trello, which is how we manage the majority of our work. The reason that I originally chose to go with Everhour over the competition is that these folks chose to do one thing and to do it well. Other companies wanted to also handle invoicing, project management, and other things. I already had tools for those things; what I needed was an easy and enjoyable to use time tracking solution that I knew would work. Everhour has consistently impressed me with how well their product works and how fast they innovate and improve.

Another reviewer says:

Great team behind the software who is always happy to help. Easy time sheeting and reporting. Excellent compatibility with Trello.


Toggl is a single-click time tracking app that integrates with Trello through the Chrome web-browser. Toggl's integration with Trello is made extremely simple with 'start timer' buttons located within each Trello card, while it extracts descriptions of each card to use as the description of the time you're tracking.

Key features of Toggl:

  • Project archiving

  • Offline mode

  • Google Chrome extension

  • View of billable and non-billable hours

  • Segmentation features such as clients, projects, and tags.

One reviewer comments on the integration's suitability for their smaller team:

I'm very satisfied even with [the] free plan. It is fully functional for small teams with multiple clients and projects. Perfect integration with Trello through Toggl Button chrome extension.


TimeCamp is an automatic time tracking solution that also offers budget management functionality. Once both accounts are connected, you can choose the boards and cards that you'd like to import into TimeCamp, allowing you to time each individual task, and even estimate the profitability of each project.

Key features of TimeCamp:

  • Mobile time tracking

  • Invoice management

  • Productivity reporting

  • Activity dashboard

  • Goal management.

Of the Trello and TimeCamp integration, one reviewer comments on how perfectly they sync together:

I use Trello and TimeCamp to track how much time I spend on things as well as to have a nice view of what I have accomplished during the week so I can feel happy (or sad) and adjust my time to be productive according to my own standard. TimeCamp has all I need to track my activities, and Trello has all I need to keep my tasks organized and documented, perfect match made in software heaven.

Another reviewer says:

I use Trello for all of my projects, and TimeCamp lets me track each card. It is so useful that I keep coming back again and again.


The Harvest time tracking app allows users to link timesheets to Trello cards, see exactly how much time is spent on each card, and generate reports and invoices. Task completion estimates can also be synced with individual projects, and billable hours can be extracted for easy time tracking and project management synchronization.

Key features of Harvest:

  • Reporting tools

  • Multi-device functionality

  • Timesheet management

  • Expense tracking

  • Invoice management.

Katy Rice, an Inbound Marketing Strategist shares her thoughts on the Harvest and Trello integration:

I love that I can integrate my Harvest account and Trello. That way I don't have to have as many different tabs open at one time. I also like that it is easy to make any edit you might need to. I love the timer and how easy it is to keep an eye on project budgets!

If you're looking for more options, you can check out a further list of Trello time tracking apps.

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