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May 12, 2017
Call Tracking

Make the Right Call: A Call Tracking Software Checklist

Which ads are reeling in customers? Which keywords drive people to call? Are callers qualified? Call tracking software can help answer those questions.

Suzie BlaszkiewiczAnalyst

Your phones are ringing off the hook, thanks to those AdWords campaigns that you're running to help promote your latest offers. But wait… which ads are the ones reeling in the customers? Which keywords are driving people to see those ads? Are these callers even qualified? If you don't have the answer to any of these questions, you might want to consider adopting a call tracking solution.

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Why use call tracking software?

Call tracking software is a necessity for any company running call-based marketing campaigns- it gives insight into who's calling, into which campaigns are driving calls, and into which campaigns are giving the most qualified leads. In fact, many call tracking software solutions further integrate with Google Analytics or AdWords to help pinpoint exactly which campaigns are driving results. They can also integrate with your sales, marketing, or CRM software to help provide a holistic view of the sales and marketing funnel.

Once you have this data in one place, you can better target the right campaigns to the right users, as well as get oversight into how your agents are performing to be able to improve on that performance.

Aside from features like call reporting, caller ID, and lead qualification, you'll want to consider other factors when choosing which call tracking software to use, including:

  • How many agents will need access to the software, and will it be scalable as that number grows?

  • Is the system cloud-based and flexible for remote workers?

  • Do you have the right tools already set up that will help enhance and make sense of the data being collected?

Below is a checklist for choosing call tracking software, highlighting some of the most important aspects to consider when making a decision. Download or save this image for reference during your call tracking software search.

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Next steps for choosing call tracking software

Once you've decided on the essential features and integrations that you need for your business, start by looking at some of the most popular options to see if they're right for you. Here are a few below:

If you're looking for more options, check out our call tracking software category on GetApp.

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