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Aug 05, 2016
Social Media Marketing

How to Choose Social Media Marketing Software: Checklist

Wondering how to choose social media marketing software to help your small business make its mark online? This checklist will show you what to look out for.

James ThorntonContent Manager

Are you looking for a social media marketing software? Keen to know what these applications actually do and whether your business really needs one? Look no further than our handy checklist, where we outline how to choose social media marketing software, listing some of the reasons for opting for such a tool, along with information on critical features and things to watch out for when choosing a solution.

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Your guide to how to choose social media marketing software

This checklist is designed to help you organize your thoughts and pay attention to important considerations when choosing social media marketing software.

Keep in mind that not all tools are created equally. Some social media marketing applications try to bundle all of these features and functionality together, whereas others will focus on a particular facet, such as social listening, or scheduling, for example. It’s up to you to figure out what you need before comparing apps.

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What to do next

Now that you’ve developed an idea of how to choose social media marketing software, it’s time to start looking at the apps themselves. A good place to start is to read reviews of social media marketing software from GetApp users to give you an idea of what other businesses like yours have experienced.

Another handy reference is GetApp’s Category Leaders ranking of the top social media marketing software, which ranks applications based on critical criteria to give you an overview of the key players in the space. The top five social media marketing applications, according to the Q3 2016 ranking are:

For an insight into how software can help prevent marketing blunders, have a read of Suzie Blaszkiewicz’s eye-opening article on social media fails and the apps that could’ve saved them. Or check out a piece for hospitality businesses, explaining how to use social media marketing apps to promote your restaurant, bar or cafe like a hipster.

If you’ve already chosen a social media marketing software we’d love to hear from you about your experience in the selection process and what you think of the applications you’re using. Just shoot us a comment in the box below.

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