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Nov 19, 2019
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GetApp Recap: The Latest Field Service News

The world is changing fast, and so is field service. GetApp's field service news roundup keeps you updated on the latest in technology, software, and business trends. Stay in the know to ensure you are able to make the best decisions for your business.

Harshit Srivastava and Victoria Wilson Content Analyst

Here's the news your peers are reading, curated by GetApp analysts Victoria Wilson and Harshit Srivastava:

California plans to set quotas for zero-emission trucks by 2024, UPS Flight Forward delivers prescriptions to customers, and more field service news

PCMC releases mobile app for on-site inspection and troubleshooting

Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMC) has launched a field inspection and troubleshooting app called Accelerate Live. This app connects field technicians with PCMC customers via video, enabling machine inspection and troubleshooting via a shared 3D space. This approach can help businesses reduce the need for in-person service calls. Due to these advantages, we expect to see more businesses using video calling apps with 3D functionality for troubleshooting in the future. [Read more]

Tesla to unveil its electric pickup truck

Elon Musk announced that Tesla’s first-ever electric pickup truck, Cybertruck, will launch on Nov. 21. Priced at $50,000, the truck will have a seating capacity for six people and will have a range of 400 to 500 miles in the highest price variant. [Read more]

California plans to set quotas for zero-emission trucks by 2024

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has proposed a regulation to curb vehicular pollution. The proposal will mandate automobile manufacturers to sell a pre-decided minimum percentage of zero-emission vehicles as part of their total vehicle sales. This proposal will also require carriers that have revenues higher than $50 million or that have more than 100 vehicles with load capacity greater than 8,500 pounds to report their vehicle activity to the authority. [Read more]

UPS Flight Forward becomes the first U.S.-based drone service to deliver prescriptions

On Nov. 7, UPS Flight Forward, the drone-based delivery arm of UPS, became the first drone-based delivery service to deliver pharmacy products to customers. UPS Flight Forward had been provided with an FAA authorization for drone delivery in October this year, providing UPS with a commercial license to run drone-based delivery service. Since then, the company has been delivering delivering blood and medical samples from WakeMed’s hospital to its lab facility. With this new service, UPS expands its footprint in healthcare delivery to include pharmacy-to-customer delivery. [Read more]

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Week of November 13, 2019

Truckers protest gig work law, T-Mobile may give first responders free 5G and more field service news

Workiz gets new funding, announces voice command feature

Workiz, a field service management software startup, just raised $5 million in funding. The funding comes with the announcement of Workiz Voice, an Alexa-powered voice command feature ideal for field service workers that need hands-free operation. Workiz grew 247% last year, serving mostly small businesses in home and equipment maintenance, and medical transport. [Read more]

T-Mobile to give first responders free 5G, pending merger

T-Mobile CEO, John Legere, has promised to offer first responders free 5G for 10 ten years if the company’s merger with Sprint closes. The initiative is part of the company’s “5G for Good” plan, and plans to connect public and non for profit fire, law enforcement, and EMS agencies and first responders with unlimited talk, text, and data. A few states are expected to challenge the merger next month. [Read more]

Current and emerging solutions to the last mile problem

The last mile is so expensive that companies have spent years developing potential solutions. Some of the most implemented models actually involve taking a step back from doorstep deliveries, using lockers, in-store pick ups, and transportation hubs instead. But emerging solutions like drones and robots, are also exciting possibilities-they promise to lower costs, reduce congestion and emissions. [Read more]

Truckers protest California gig work law

Dozens of truck owner-operators gathered in San Francisco, San Jose, Salinas, and Oakland, among other cities to protest AB5, which could turn them into employees rather than contractors. Some protesters explained that they had spent upwards of $200,00 to own their own trucks so they didn’t have to work for someone else. They fear the law would force them to work under a company, and would negate their ability to make their own schedules and turn down jobs. [Read more]

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Week of October 23, 2019

"Ubering" may not just refer to driving

Earlier this month, Uber launched Uber Works, an app intended to match freelancers with employers. This announcement comes on the heels of California’s law to limit the number of employees incorrectly classified as independent contractors. The app would allow warehouse workers, cleaners, and other independent workers to sign up for jobs based on pay, location, and working conditions. Uber plans to partner with Chicago staffing firms that handle worker pay and benefits to potentially avoid any issues with the platform.

[Read more]

25% of Field Service Organizations Plan to Implement AR [Research]

A GetApp survey has found that 25% of field service organizations plan to implement AR in the next three years. The survey also found that companys’ biggest challenge when implementing new tech is adoption by field crews. This article presents additional findings and offers recommendations for how to overcome the top implementation obstacle. [Read more]

Tesla inches closer to driverless-ness with DeepScale

Tesla is acquiring DeepScale, a computer vision start-up that could help the company go fully driverless. The technology uses low-wattage processors that work with sensors, mapping, planning, and control systems to pick up on the vehicle’s surroundings. The acquisition could fill the gap in the Autopilot group after the departure of 11 engineers in the past few months. [Read more]

UPS invests $450 million in CNG trucks and stations

UPS announced an investment of $450 million in CNG (compressed natural gas) vehicles and stations. This investment will allow UPS to add about 6,000 CNG-powered transport vehicles to their fleet by the beginning of 2020. Does this mark a new trend in which more and more businesses will look for ways to reduce emissions? Only time will tell. [Read more]

UPS is going green...ish

UPS has announced that between 2020-2022, it will purchase 6000 natural gas-fueled trucks, an investment of $450 million. The vehicles would feature compressed natural gas (CNG) systems in a move towards alternative fuel systems aimed at reducing the company’s carbon footprint. UPS as stated that by the end of 2020, 25% of new vehicle purchases would run on alternative fuel. [Read more]

EU issues warning against single-supplier 5G networks

The European Union issued a warning to companies building 5G networks with parts from a single supplier, stating that these are more vulnerable to attack. The EU went further, stating that company’s should avoid suppliers with strong government ties, especially in countries that lack democratic checks and balances. CNN notes that while Huwawei was not mentioned by name, the announcement comes amidst the U.S’s campaign to discourage allies from doing business with the company. [Read more]

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