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Apr 06, 2018
Field Service Management (FSM)

Solution Spotlight: Google’s Most Popular Pest Control Software Explained

We shine the spotlight on the most popular pest control software solutions on Google's search engine results. Learn about pricing, features, and what makes these products unique. We also provide additional resources for comparing.

Deeksha MalikContent Analyst

In GetApp's Solution Spotlight series, we explain which software is at the top of Google's search engine results and how each can meet your specific needs. To identify the systems featured here, we entered the term "pest control software" in Google the week of February 2, 2018, in an incognito window with the location set to the U.S. The first five solutions on the first page of Google's results are described here in alphabetical order.

Managing a pest control business is no easy feat, especially if you have to switch between administrative tasks such as generating invoices, scheduling jobs, tracking chemicals, and monitoring technicians—all while keeping your customers happy and satisfied.

If you're feeling bogged down by these pesky administrative tasks and your clients are slipping through cracks, you need pest control software to pick up the slack.

Once you've decided to automate your business, the next step is to start looking for pest control software systems that are popular on the web. You might notice that, when it comes to a niche business category such as pest control, there is a shortage of sources that sum up all the information you need to consider.

Don't worry though—we're here to help.

In this article, you'll read in detail about some of the most popular pest control solutions, and you'll learn about each product's functionalities, pricing, and more. We'll also provide additional resources for comparing these tools to pick the right solution for your business.

These five pest control solutions rank highest on Google's search engine results pages (SERPs). High rankings indicate that these solutions are popular among potential buyers, which is why people are looking for information on these tools.

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Route optimization in GorillaDesk (Source: GetApp)

GorillaDesk is a popular pest control software option that caters to solo operators as well as growing businesses. It offers services related to pest control, lawn care, pool service, and more.

Some of the tool's key features include:

  • Map and route optimization: GorillaDesk's calendar has a built-in map that automatically plots routes, while the route optimizer rearranges stops based on distance. The map is automatically updated with job pins based on the calendar.

  • Automatic job and payment reminders: Users can send automated confirmations, reminders, and follow-ups via email or text message. Users can also remind clients about upcoming appointments, late payments, and more.

  • Chemical tracking: Users can record and report chemical and materials used for each job to ensure compliance with state regulations.

  • Stripe credit card processing: Integration with Stripe payment gateway enables users to collect credit card payments. Users can also save credit card details to each client's account for future billing.

  • Mobile capability: GorillaDesk offers iOS and Android compatible mobile app that allow users to view job schedules, add job notes and attachments, record chemicals and materials, manage invoices, and more using their mobile devices.

What makes GorillaDesk unique?

GorillaDesk offers device tracking functionality, which lets businesses keep track of their devices or equipment on a job site with a bar code. GorillaDesk's mobile app can scan the bar codes on the job site allowing businesses to record activity while in the field.

GorillaDesk pricing

GorillaDesk offers two pricing plans:

  • Basic: $49.00 per month for one technician and unlimited admin users

  • Pro: $99.00 per month for one technician and unlimited admin users

There is an SMS messaging add-on available for $5 per month plus regular text messaging rates.

There is a 14-day free trial, which can be extended upon request.

GorillaDesk comparisons

Compare GorillaDesk to other pest control software solutions by checking out GetApp's GorillaDesk alternatives page.

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Mobile view of RazorSync where you can see details such as work order and service request, as well as date, day, and time (Source: GetApp)

RazorSync is a field service management solution that allows pest control professionals to schedule and dispatch jobs, manage field staff, generate invoices, and update customer records from the office or the field, with or without an internet connection.

Some of the tool's key features include:

  • Job scheduling: Users can track field staff and customers on a map with GPS functionality, contact the nearest technician, and optimize travel time using their desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

  • Customer management: The tool organizes and manages customer records including interactions, notes, photos, and work history in a centralized location. These interactions and notes are time and date stamped, and are stored in a customer file for future reference.

  • Estimating and invoicing: Estimators and field technicians can create quotes, work orders, and electronic invoices, and capture signatures (time and date stamped) with their mobile devices in the field. Invoices can be itemized and saved as PDF or Excel files. In addition, the tool automatically tracks employee travel time, regular hours, and overtime to calculate billable hours for technicians.

  • Mobile capability: RazorSync offers mobile apps for iOS and Android devices that let users to schedule jobs, track location, send automatic notifications, generate invoices, and more from their mobile devices.

What makes RazorSync unique?

RazorSync is ranked number 11 out of the 25 solutions featured in GetApp's Field Service Management Category Leaders for Q2 2018.

RazorSync also offers a mobile credit card reader with all pricing plans at no additional cost. The mobile card reader can be plugged into any mobile device or tablet.

RazorSync pricing

RazorSync offers four pricing plans:

  • Solo: $40 per month (when billed annually) for up to two users

  • Team: $115 per month (when billed annually) for up to seven users

  • Pro: $240 per month (when billed annually) for up to 15 users

  • Enterprise: $630 per month (when billed annually) for unlimited users

All RazorSync Plans come with a free trial.

RazorSync comparisons

Compare RazorSync to other pest control software solutions by checking out GetApp's RazorSync alternatives page.

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Schedule for one technician on ServBasic's scheduler (Source: GetApp)

ServBasic is a pest control management solution that comes with core functionalities to help businesses schedule technician visits, generate invoices, capture payments, and more.

Some of the tool's key features include:

  • Customer information management: ServBasic stores and organizes customer information for quick access.

  • Scheduling: Users can set up customized service schedules for agents by day, week, month, or year, and carry the same schedule over onto the next year's calendar. They can also set up reminders and renewals for upcoming appointments. Users can reschedule an appointment by dragging and dropping it into a new spot on the calendar.

  • Billing and payment: With ServBasic's billing module, users can view single or multiple customer billing statements at once, edit statements, and email them to customers or print a copy. In addition, the tool supports multiple payment options such as prepay and customizable billing periods.

  • Reporting: The tool's reporting module generates customized reports related to work history, taxes collected, and commissions earned. Users can convert the reports into various formats such as PDF or Excel, or they can print them out for record-keeping purposes.

  • Mobile capability: Users can also access ServBasic through the browser on a tablet or a mobile device and can schedule appointments, access customer information, receive payments, and more, even when on the field.

What makes ServBasic unique?

ServBasic is free for the first year or until a business builds up a base of over 200 clients, whichever comes first, giving small businesses the opportunity to get plenty of hands-on experience with the tool before committing to a subscription.

ServBasic pricing

As mentioned above, ServBasic is free for the first year or when a business reaches the cap of 200 customers, whichever comes first.

Once the limit is reached, ServBasic charges $42 per month for an unlimited number of accounts.

ServBasic comparisons

Compare ServBasic to other pest control software solutions by checking out GetApp's ServBasic alternatives page.

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Smart Service

Mobile workforce tracking in Smart Service (Source: GetApp)

Smart Service is a field service management tool that offers features such as chemical tracking, job scheduling and dispatching, invoicing, and more to help pest control businesses streamline their operations.

Smart Service works as a direct QuickBooks add-on, which means any work or update made in the tool is automatically updated in QuickBooks.

Some of the tool's key features include:

  • QuickBooks integration: Smart Service's integration with QuickBooks enables users to manage scheduling, dispatching, routing, equipment tracking, inventory, workforce monitoring, and invoicing from one system.

  • Chemical tracking: The tool lets users keep track of chemical usage by keeping a record of chemicals and substance used for each job.

  • Mobile capability: Smart Service's iFleet, an iOS and Android compatible mobile field service app, allows technicians to view schedules, contact information, equipment records, service histories, and more from their mobile devices.

What makes Smart Service unique?

Smart Service's complete integration with accounting software QuickBooks is what sets it apart from the other service scheduling solutions. Smart Service imports all relevant business from QuickBooks, which makes it easier for pest control businesses to schedule and dispatch jobs. In addition, new contacts created in Smart Service get automatically copied in QuickBooks.

Smart Service pricing

Smart Service has not provided pricing information on the company website. Buyers will have to contact the vendor to get pricing details.

Smart Service comparisons

Compare Smart Service to other pest control software solutions by checking out GetApp's Smart Service alternatives page.

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Client details in Wintac where users can view job details such as serial number, date, status, summary, and work description (Source: GetApp)

Wintac is a pest control software tool suitable for businesses providing pest control for mosquitoes, rodents, and other insect control services to residential or commercial clients.

Some of the tool's key features include:

  • Scheduling and dispatching: Users can set up and manage agent schedules using Wintac's drag-and-drop, color-coded dispatch board. An unassigned column lets users see which jobs are pending, and they can drag and drop these jobs to assign them to an agent with an open time slot. With Wintac Web Portal, agents can get real-time access to view their work scheduled for the day, week, or month on their mobile devices.

  • Billing: After a job is complete, users can convert the work order into an invoice and email it to the customer after making necessary changes. Invoices for completed jobs stay on the work order dispatch board until payment is received. Through the Wintac Web Portal, agents can generate invoices and collect payment while in the field.

  • Accounting: Wintac helps users calculate job cost to better understand profit margin for each job. Users can estimate costs for inventory items, purchase orders, payroll hours, and other miscellaneous items. They can also generate job cost and profit analysis reports. For example, users can generate a job cost report by technician or compare income from residential versus commercial clients.

  • Service contracts management: The tool lets users manage service contracts by tracking due date of service, equipment covered under a service agreement, and the contract expiration date.

What makes Wintac unique?

Wintac is ranked as one of GetApp's Field Service Management Category Leaders for Q2 2018. According to it's website, Wintac has been used by more than 8,000 companies and over 60,000 service and installation professionals worldwide.

Wintac also offers live, unlimited technical support services (online, phone, email, or fax) free for one year.

Wintac pricing

Wintac starts at $2,695 for the first office user and $1,245 for each additional user. The vendor also offers a financing option starting at $87 per month.

The Mobile Access plan is $1,795 for unlimited users.

Wintac comparisons

Compare Wintac to other pest control software solutions by checking out GetApp's Wintac alternatives page.

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Let us help you make a decision

In addition to the above information, below are some additional GetApp sources that will help you make an informed business decision:

  • Read user reviews of pest control software systems on GetApp.com.

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