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Apr 07, 2017
Classroom Management

How to Choose Classroom Management Software: A Handy Checklist

Managing a school or class can be tricky; we've put together a checklist that provides a starting point to help you pick out classroom management software.

Matt Mullarkey-TonerAnalyst

As little as 15 years ago, many teachers organized their classes using A3 graph paper, calendars solely existed on walls, and students had to wait until after class to ask all of their questions, in person. Thankfully classrooms have advanced and those tedious tasks can be taken care of by using classroom management software. This handy software can sort your classes online (no more paper!), access multiple calendars that are sync'd across the school or organization, and provide a portal for students to contact you.

Whether you're working at a large organization or a small school, classroom management software is a great way of keeping people organized and keeping track of their work. Additionally, being able to view other teacher's calendars can be a lifesaver when trying to plan out the academic school year.

With that in mind we've put together a handy checklist to provide a starting place in your search for classroom management software.

Right click on the image above to download and save it to your computer.

Where to go next

Now that you've got an idea of what features to look for, here are some popular classroom management solutions.

If you got some advice regarding your experience(s) with classroom management software, let us know in the comments below. If you'd like some more info from other users, check out our independent reviews or leave a review about your experience with classroom management solutions, or other cloud-based software that you use.

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