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Apr 07, 2017
Contract Management

How to Choose Contract Management Software: A Handy Checklist

Think you're ready to choose contract management software? Before you do, use this checklist to make sure you know the essential features you'll need.

Rhiân DaviesContent Analyst

From the smallest businesses all the way up to enterprise level corporations, handling multiple contracts such as leases, partnerships agreements, and NDAs can quickly become a way of life. This time consuming task is often compounded by the need for numerous parties to review, amend, and eventually sign the paperwork, leading to an overly arduous process.

However, gone are the days when companies needed to physically sign, seal, and deliver a multitude of contracts. Cloud-based contract management software not only eliminates the wait for physical contract delivery, but with multiple user access functionality and built-in contract templates, it can speed up the process from the outset.

If your business is ready to take your contracts online, we've put together this handy checklist below which details essential features you'll need to look for, and key considerations you should think about before investing.

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What's next in choosing contract management software?

Take a look at some of these contract management solutions:




Contract Assistant


You can also check out independent user reviews of the best contract management software on the market, or leave a review of your own.

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