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Jun 09, 2017
Call Tracking

Ring Up More Sales With Keyword Level Call Tracking

Keyword level call tracking is a call tracking software feature which marketers can use to get a higher quality and volume of leads. Here's how it works.

Suzie BlaszkiewiczAnalyst

For PPC advertisers, choosing the right keyword is only as important as being able to track it. The modern online advertiser will immediately think AdWords and campaign tracking in Google Analytics, but if your lead generation efforts encourage your customers to pick up the phone and call, you'll need a little something extra: keyword level call tracking.

But first, let's take a step back. Keyword level call tracking comes as an integral feature of call tracking software. Built for online marketers and sales teams, call tracking software is meant to give better insight into the source of incoming calls and pinpoint which ads are driving the most qualified leads. Typical features of call tracking software include:

  • Call tracking and recording

  • Conversion tracking

  • Dynamic number insertion

  • Keyword level call tracking

  • Lead qualification

  • Google Analytics integration

  • Real-time reporting and analytics

According to GetApp's 2017 Lead Generation and Strategies Report, lead volume and quality are two of the biggest challenges faced by sales and marketing departments. As a major feature of call tracking software, keyword level call tracking is just one of a myriad of tools which marketers can use to get a higher quality and volume of leads.

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How does keyword level call tracking work?

Keyword level call tracking lets marketers and advertisers get granular with their PPC marketing efforts. It lets them track exactly which of their AdWords campaigns are driving the most calls and conversions, as well as providing customer data for better lead qualification.

Once you've chosen your keywords and set up your AdWords campaigns, you'll be assigned a small pool of phone numbers through your call tracking software. When a customer uses a specific keyword and lands on your ad, a unique phone number will appear on the landing page once they click through. When the user calls that unique number, it'll be assigned to them throughout the entire call, recording not only the keyword that brought them there, but also things like call duration, location, and other useful customer data. Below is a great diagram from WordStream describing exactly how it works:

The "tracking" part is normally done through a small script added to your website and can normally be integrated with Google Analytics, just like any other AdWords campaigns.

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Call tracking keyword research

Doing keyword research for call tracking purposes doesn't differ much from doing keyword research for online advertising or content creation. In fact, it'll still be your online ads that are driving customers to pick up the phone and call. You should follow the same keyword research best practices in order to maximize your potential of converting highly qualified leads at high volume.

  • Use tools like Keyword Planner, SEMrush , and Ubersuggest for keyword ideation. If you're using Keyword Planner, you'll also see the value of each keyword for running paid campaigns.

  • Target keywords with high search volume and low competition when possible. While there may not always be an abundance of opportunities, you're more likely to get qualified leads where there's less competition.

  • Long-tail keywords generally have lower competition and are better at providing qualified leads than more generic terms. "Flower shops in Austin" might have lower search volume than "Austin flowers", but it would deliver leads that are more qualified (and wouldn't cost you as much).

  • Check the SERP to see how the competition is positioning themselves for the keywords that you want to target. This will give you a good idea of who else is paying for those keywords.

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Call tracking software options

If you think you're ready to start implementing call tracking software to help you track which keywords are driving the most qualified leads to your domain, check out some of these options.


WhatConverts is a lead and call tracking solution that tracks conversions from phone calls, web forms, and eCommerce transactions. With a focus on leads, the interface gives you an overview of daily leads earned, summary reports, and tracking broken down by source, including organic, paid, and referral.

According to one review on GetApp:

"Our agency has been using What Converts for call tracking for about a year now. We moved over from another CALL tracking service after we realized their requirements to do keyword level tracking would be cost prohibitive. We hesitantly and cautiously moved over to What Converts and could not be happier. Their support is always easy to work with. Their dashboard is awesome. They have a whitelabel program, so my clients see my branding, not What Converts. It's drop dead easy to use, and competitively priced, with awesome service. What more could you ask? Do yourself a favor, if you are looking for a call tracking service, just contact What Converts and save yourself the time and effort and money."

Pricing: The Plus Plan starts at $30 a month for 9 numbers and 480 minutes, while the Agency Plan costs $100 a month for 33 numbers and 2155 minutes. Enterprise prices are available by request.


Ringostat is a call tracking, monitoring, and virtual PBX phone system. Its tracking features allows for inbound call tracking, lead sourcing, and call monitoring, while the virtual PBX systems creates a centralized environment for both calling and tracking, call-back functions, and customizable reports.

Says one GetApp reviewer:

"I started using call tracking for the company I work for just recently. We make custom-built furniture for children and we get so many call queries about dimensions and configurations and other personal preferences. At first we were tracking only offline advertising and we had 5 connected numbers. Now we have a part-time PPC specialist who recommended this call tracking. We connected 10 numbers with Ringostat cloud PBX, we haven't had one before. It's very convenient that we don't need to buy anything else, the PBX is included in the price and we can just rent numbers."

Pricing: The Small Business pricing plans starts at $50 a month for 5 connected numbers. Working your way up, you can get 10 connected numbers for $75 a month with the Medium-Size Business plan, and 50 connected numbers for $200 a month with the Enterprise Plan.

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CallRail is another fully-featured call tracking solution that's aimed at marketers and tracks PPC campaigns, providing in-depth analytics to help give better insight into campaign performance. Key features of CallRail include tracking from search, digital, and offline campaigns, dynamic number insertion (changing numbers based on the source of the call), and conversation intelligence, which scores leads based on analyzing recorded conversations.

Says one long-time user:

"I've been a user of Callrail since 2012. At first, the functionality of knowing how many calls my consulting customers were receiving from various Internet properties was more than exciting. In the last few months, I've activated Dynamic Number Insertion, which solved a big problem with my Local SEO vendor. And now I've gotten into Keyword Pooling, which defines the source of the visit. All very very good! Thank you."

Pricing: CallRail's starter plan costs $30 a month for 10 local numbers and 500 local minutes, while the Pro Plan is $130 a month for 20 local numbers and 2500 local minutes. Enterprise prices are available by request.

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Next steps

If you're ready to try call tracking software, make sure to check out our Call Tracking Software Checklist before deciding on which app to choose. For more app options, check out our entire catalogue of call tracking software.

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