Use Your Marketing Superpower to Simplify Your Marketing Strategies

Sep 20, 2021

Do you find yourself trying new marketing ideas and failing? We're here to help you leverage your strengths to choose the best marketing strategies and pair it with the right tactics and tools to simplify your marketing.

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Use Your Marketing Superpower to Simplify Your Marketing Strategies

Marketing is hard. And if you're a busy business owner, the thought of investing your valuable time and money on marketing that may or may not deliver can be off-putting.

If you've got a few minutes to read this article, though, we'll help you choose a marketing strategy, pick two supporting tactics, and focus on the tools you need to manage your marketing.

What's your marketing superpower?

Marketing is only effective if you do it consistently. If you can uncover your marketing superpower, you can then choose a strategy and tactics that work with your unique strengths to achieve success.

Let's keep this simple and look at three marketing superpowers. Read through each, and choose the one that best describes you.

You have the power of persuasion if...

  • You have been told you’re a natural salesperson and often inspire people to buy from you. 

  • You want to get to the sale as fast as possible.

  • You want to build a personal brand and be known as the go-to expert in your field.

You have the power of empathy if...

  • You have a natural ability to connect with and educate your audience. 

  • You love creating written, audio, or video content that informs and educates your audience.

  • You prefer following a specific process or schedule with your marketing.

You have the power of attraction if...

  • You are the primary sales person for your product or service.

  • You hate investing time and money on marketing that promises results and doesn’t generate leads.

  • You feel like your competitors are better known than you are, but your product or service has real competitive advantage.

You probably see yourself in more than one of these descriptions, but do your best to choose the one superpower that resonates most.

The best marketing strategies and tactics for your marketing superpower

There are three main marketing strategies: direct marketing, content marketing, and advertising. Each strategy requires unique strengths embodied by the three personalities/superpowers described above.

Persuasion: direct marketing 

A direct marketing strategy is focused on personal selling. Networking, referrals, and direct mail are the most common direct marketing tactics.  

If you have the power of persuasion, you should put yourself and your powerful communication style at the center of every marketing activity you do.

Make videos, webinars, live events, and emails your go-to sales channels. Use your talent for inspiring and selling to create content that functions like a sales call. 

Empathy: content marketing 

Content marketing is an inbound marketing strategy that uses written, audio, and video content to educate customers and guide them toward your product or service.

Leverage your passion for consistency and processes to create written content that helps customers make buying decisions and guide them through the buyer's journey. 

Repurpose your written content as social media posts and create emails that invite people to read or watch your content.

Attraction: advertising 

Your best bet when it comes to marketing is to put your lead generation on autopilot with advertising.

Advertising is a pay-to-play strategy. Instead of generating leads organically, you’re paying to jump the line and have your product or service placed right in front of your customer.

You can generate leads with a budget as small as $10/day. Use Google or YouTube ads if your customers are searching for a specific product or service. Facebook ads are ideal if your customers don’t know about your product/service and you want to build awareness. Choose LinkedIn ads for B2B products and services.

How to choose tools that best fit your marketing strategy

With a single marketing strategy and no more than two tactics to support it, choosing the right tools just became easier. The key is to focus on those tools that help you do what you do best.

  • Persuasion: Your goal is to automate your sales process.  Look for marketing automation software that allows you to capture emails from webinars, online events, or other lead generation events/presentations. 

  • Empathy: Invest your time and money in tools that help you create and promote your content. Focus on social media management tools that make it easy to create ongoing and automated content promotion campaigns.

  • Attraction: Start with native Google Analytics to find what terms and keywords your customers use to find you. Then move on to search engine marketing tools to help you choose the best advertising channels for your business. 

You can't unsee this

From this point forward, every time you see a new marketing idea or tool, you'll immediately know whether it aligns with your superpower and will help you implement your strategy.

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