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Feb 14, 2017
Project Management

Small Teams Tell Us Their Favorite Project Management Apps for Under 10 People

Looking for a functional and affordable project management app for teams under 10 people? Our GetApp reviewers give you the best options.

Suzie BlaszkiewiczAnalyst

What we'll cover

Not all software is created equally, and no one knows that better than a small team. While on the hunt for a project management solution, a quick Google search will give you a list of the big names, a lot of which are built for big business, and are likely unaffordable. You've got a small team. You've just onboarded your fifth member, and you want to get better organized with a project management solution that helps your team work together, without breaking the bank or piling on features that you don't need.

If you're a small team of 1 to 10 people looking for an affordable and effective project management solution, we've searched through reviews of project management solutions on GetApp to see which apps small teams like best. Taking into consideration pricing structure, we've compiled the list below of the best project management apps for under 10 people.

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Asana is always a leading choice when it comes to project management thanks to its modern interface, its affordable pricing, and its ability to scale, making it perfect for small teams.

Key Features

Asana organizes your tasks into projects, offers multiple workspaces, a mobile app and responsive website, task assignment, and an activity feed to see what's happening with your projects.

Selling point

The interface is simple and easy to use, with a sidebar that lets you easily access team conversations, calendars, and projects. You can also choose to see task list views, or see a dashboard that gives you an overview of all tasks and projects available. Says one GetApp reviewer:

"We tried a number of other project management platforms for our small team, many with more traditional corporate features than Asana, but after a while the motivation to use these platforms dropped, and it became a chore to use them. Asana was a breath of fresh air for my team with its easy to use and intuitive interface. It allows for rapid task creation and assignment that works just as easily for an individual as for a team."


The basic version of Asana is free for up to 15 team members, and will get you unlimited tasks, projects, and conversations, basic dashboards, and a basic search. As your team grows, you can get more from Asana starting at $8.33 per user per month. Another GetApp reviewer notes how easy it is for small teams to use:

"Asana is well designed and pretty robust. A lot of products in this space claim to be useful for small projects and big teams alike, but I've found this one actually does live up to that description…"

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Trello is one of the leading card and board systems for project and task management, best known for its easy drag and drop features, its customizable interface, and its affordability.

Key Features

Trello's board system lets you create boards for different projects or teams. Each task card can be dragged and dropped along the board as the task works its way to completion, making it a really easy way to see the status and progress of all of your tasks and projects. According to a GetApp reviewer:

"If you have a small team (3-4 developers) I think Trello is the best solution to task management. Its interface is really good and in a sight you can see the status and process of all tasks. I have been working with Trello since 4 years ago and I haven't found a better app for manage the tasks of my team."

Another reviewer says:

"I read a lot of reviews about project management apps, and after testing out Trello and Asana, we went with Trello. We have a small team of 3 and it helps us all to stay on the same page with print productions projects. I also helps us delegate tasks to our employee."

Selling point

The interface is customizable so that you can easily recognize different boards by adding a background image or changing up the colours. Within each task, you can also add separate checklists, due dates, attachments, labels, and members for more organization. As one GetApp reviewer notes:

"Our entire business runs on Trello. Everything from our social media, planning, to-do lists and delegating tasks is run through the CRM system and it's refreshingly easy and simple to use. We absolutely love the drag and drop feature of the tool, as well as the idea of "boards" which is similar to how our brains work with all the whiteboards we have at home and in the office. Marking the tasks with colors is another great feature which helps us stay up to date with where we are and where we need to be. We highly recommend Trello to anyone running a small business."


The pricing is a big draw for small businesses: it's free for unlimited team members, boards, lists, cards, checklists, and attachments. The free version also lets you attach up to 10MB of files. After this, pricing goes up to $9.99 per user per month for more features.

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If you're looking for something that's a bit more integrated with time tracking and project accounting, Paymo has been noted as a good option for small business by many users.

Key features

Paymo's interface shows you an inbox view of outstanding tasks, milestones, and timesheets to give you an overview of your projects. Its familiar sidebar makes it easily navigable, and its different views (Kanban boards, task lists, and Gantt charts) let you see different parts of the project that need to be completed.

Selling point

It's flexibility lets you only use the features that you need, which range from task management and project planning, to secure file sharing and collaboration, to timesheets and time tracking. Says one GetApp reviewer:

"I've been searching the web for the perfect project management software for my needs and Paymo is spot on. I have my own design agency so I don't need a project management system bloated with features I don't use. Paymo is simple and has everything I need. I can even disable things I don't need. Many project management systems lack som (sic) basic "CRM" features like clients/contacts and notes/wiki. Paymo has both. As a small business I don't need all the advanced CRM features, I just need something simple to manage both projects, contacts and important notes. Combine that with a great user experience, simple but powerful features and a customisable interface and you have Paymo."


After a 15-day free trial, pricing starts at $8.95 per user per month. An additional monthly fee of $9.95 per company will get you accounting features, while $19.95 a month will give you the Gantt Chart features. A GetApp reviewer notes:

"After trying over 10 apps, I chose Paymo. Easy to use, covered everything i needed (unlimited clientes, projects, tasks, reports and monitor time both on laptop and ios app) and the pricing is affordable for an independent or start-up. I also found that I could translate invoices and estimates into my local language with no hassle. I highly recommended to those starting solo or small businesses…"

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Another big name in the project management space is Wrike, good for small teams because of its customizability and its pricing structure.


Wrike lets you create and assign tasks and subtasks, get progress reports, automate recurring tasks, sync tasks with email, and edit and share files. It's also got integration with popular solutions like JIRA and GitHub.

Selling point

Wrike caters to different types of teams including marketing, creative, and project management. This means that the solutions is highly customizable to your team's needs, as one user points out below:

"I work for a small sized digital ad agency and the company began using Wrike shortly before I started. The goal in using Wrike was to have one central place that we could easily see what the status was for each project we had going on at the time, who should be working on each project, what was the next step, and when it would be completed. It took a little while to organize Wrike the way that works best for us, but once we figured it out we took off running. Now, we have a setup that works perfectly for us and we utilize Wrike daily. Wrike has exceeded our expectations by being able to customize everything we need to fit our unique situation."


Wrike's free option allows for up to 5 users with task management, file sharing, activity streams, access to its iOS and Android app, cloud storage integration, and 2GB of storage. Upgrading starts at $9.80 a month for more functionality and features. Says one GetApp reviewer:

"We are a small growing company and we need an application helping us to manage projects. Wrike helps to do that. It's easy to create tasks and assign them to the right person and everybody to follow the progress of projects in real time. Everyone can use Wrike regardless of the work they have to do."

There are plenty of project management options out there; you just want to make sure that you find one that fits your team, big or small. If you want to check out further options, GetApp's Category Leader ranking of the top 25 project management apps in the cloud highlights the main factors to consider when choosing a software solution.

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