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Dec 01, 2017
Employee Recognition

I See What You Did There: Three of the Top Rated Employee Recognition Apps

A list of three top employee recognition software, based on rating and reviews in GetApp's employee recognition directory.

Abhishek Singh and Karan DhingraContent Analyst

How valued do your employees feel in your organization? Is their morale high? How often do you reward or recognize your employees for their achievements? If these are some relevant questions that are top of mind, then you might try using an employee recognition software to streamline your employee engagement strategy.

There are plenty of employee recognition software options to choose from. To make it easier for you to choose, we have compiled a list of top three employee recognition software, based on their rating and reviews in ascending order from GetApp's employee recognition directory.The directory provides the pros and cons from GetApp's users, who provide their perspective about a particular employee recognition software.

(Please note: The feedback given in each of the "Common user feedback trends" sections are the opinions of GetApp's reviewers, and do not represent the opinion of GetApp. Read more about our methodology at the bottom of this article.)

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Motivosity: Empower employee engagement through customizable monetary benefits

Motivosity is a social collaboration solution that helps employees recognize their peers with small monetary bonuses for unique achievements. The software enables employees and managers to highlight individual achievement within their teams through its user-friendly interface by linking an appreciation to your company's values, thereby reinforcing your company's culture.

For example, if your company's value is "collaboration", employees can share a peer's achievement that aligns with the company's values on Motivosity. The software notifies recipients once they receive an appreciation. Essential features of the software include:

  • Track milestones: Stay up-to-date about important team dates and add important notes that are posted on the date of the events. You can also create rules in the software to automatically give gifts and cash once a milestone is completed.

  • Analytics: The software compiles all employee engagement activities data-related to giving gifts and employee recognition to help managers gauge the effectiveness of their employee engagement campaigns through visual graphs such as pie charts.

  • Org charts: Provides a visual representation of employee engagement in your organization through interactive org charts, where each node of the org chart is linked with the employee profile. Employees can just click on the org chart profiles to send an appreciation to an employee.

Source: GetApp Motivosity Overview. The image above is a screenshot of the Motivosity homepage that shows the leaderboards, appreciation, and announcements.

Common User Feedback Trends

Based on analysis of user reviews on GetApp, here's an overview of some of the features that they liked, as well as some of those they'd like to see improved.

What users like

  • Dollar cards

GetApp users indicate that the software allows team managers to give monetary benefits in the form of dollar cards to employees for recognizing their efforts. Dollar cards can be spent on gift cards and used at local businesses and eCommerce websites such as amazon.com. Most users prefer Motivosity dollar cards rather than receiving an award or a certificate as they collect the reward points and use it according to their discretion.

  • Peer to peer recognition

The software helps employees recognize their co-workers to enhance productivity, employee satisfaction, and relationships across teams and departments. Users can instantly reward the people they work with to increase employee engagement.

User recommended improvements

  • Not enough time to use up dollar cards: Most users wish they had more time to use up their dollar cards for more than a month.

  • No higher limit for cash: Users would like to have more control over their gift card options. They would like a higher limit to get cash on gift cards to create more incentives for having more purchase options. Lastly, users would like to spend both their "giving" and "spending" money in one transaction.

Who Should Consider Motivosity?

As a team manager if you are looking forward to monetizing employee recognition to boost employee morale than Motivosity should prove to be a good option for employee engagement initiatives. With the software's customized monetary benefits, you can offer dollar cards, gift cards, or other options that best fit your team's budge

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WebHR: boosts peer to peer recognition through badges

WebHR allows employees to recognize each other by sending appreciation notification on the employee portal. Employees can recognize each other based on customized badges for specific tasks that their peers have excelled in. Appreciation badges are based on a theme of topics labeled as "team player," "creative," "leader," and many other options that peers can choose from.

Badges provide a gamified experience among employees since leaderboards are created in the employee directory featuring the total number of appreciation badges that an employee has received. Employees with the highest count of appreciation badges are ranked at the top of the leaderboards, which is visible in the employee directory.

Source: GetApp WebHR Overview. The image above is a screenshot of the WebHR’s dashboard that summarizes overall employee details.

Common User Feedback Trends

Based on analysis of WebHR reviews on GetApp, here's an overview of the software features they like, as well as those they feel could be improved:

What users like

  • Comprehensive software features: The software includes HR features such as report generation tools, recruiting/jobs portal, user-friendly attendance management sheets, and employee recognition through badges.

  • Customizing payroll in a breeze: GetApp reviewers indicate that the software payroll management system allows them to easily assign tasks, view employee time sheets, and track paid time off (PTO) request for approval.

User recommended improvements

  • Needs more notification updates: GetApp reviewers indicate that sending email notifications when a task is completed or assigned can help them monitor HR workflows.

Who Should Consider WebHR?

If you are looking to increase team building through employee engagement, consider WebHR's badge based employee recognition which allows employees to reward each other and compete and leaderboards.

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Praiseworthy: robust employee feedback management

Praiseworthy is a feedback management software that helps you to collect customer feedback and highlight achievement or improvement areas of your employees. The software helps to monitor your team's performance through an intuitive dashboard that helps you visualize feedback metrics based on various color codes.

The software provides a real-time overview of feedback metric so that you can stay ahead in managing employee feedback on time. Praiseworthy features a quick overview section of key feedback stats so that you can view metrics at a glance and download detailed reports to make an in-depth assessment of the performance of each employee.

Praiseworthy streamlines employee engagement by measuring customer feedback that is more specific to the employee's job role in sales, customer service, marketing, and other specializations.

Source: GetApp Praiseworthy Overview. The image above is a screenshot of the Praiseworthy’s feedback dashboard.

Common User Feedback Trends

Based on analysis of Praiseworthy reviews on GetApp, here's an overview of the software features they like, as well as those they feel could be improved:

What users like

  • Detailed reports : GetApp reviewers indicate that the detailed report generated by the tool enables them to find improvement areas for their team to provide a better customer experience. Based on the detailed reports, managers can coach employees on their weak points and create an individual development plan to track performance.

  • User-friendly survey layouts : Generating surveys based on customer feedback is easy as it does not involve drilling down into data sets and there are templates for survey reports.

User recommended improvements

  • Mobile app should include more features : GetApp reviewers indicate that sometimes the menu options on the app of the software don't respond and that the user interface should be more streamlined with features to view customer feedback on employees.

Who should consider Praiseworthy?

Consider Praiseworthy as your employee recognition software if you want to monitor employee feedback in real time on a dashboard based on customer feedback, especially if you are in the sales or customer service domain.

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Next steps

These are just three of the top employee recognition software shortlisted based on the highest rating and reviews on GetApp. This article and the reviews and features included within should help you decide on employee recognition tool to increase employee engagement in your organization. Here are some additional Getapp resources that can help you choose employee engagement software:


The solutions highlighted in this article are employee recognition software with the highest average overall user rating. For this article, we evaluated three employee recognition software with approximately 192 user reviews from 2017 only.

The criteria to shortlist the top three products were as follows:

  • We analyzed reviews from users in GetApp's employee recognition directory and shortlisted those products that had 4+ out of five stars with a minimum of 20 user reviews.

  • From that list, we considered only those which are listed on GetApp.

  • The "common user feedback" sections include "what users like" and "user recommended improvements" for each product, based on feedback from users who left reviews.

  • The "who should consider this software" section is a summary of analysis conducted on the general comments from software users. This section highlights the most popular features of the software product and recommends who should consider buying that product and why.

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