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Feb 21, 2017

5 Small Business Accounting Influencers to Follow on Twitter

Want unbiased advice to help you balance the books? These 5 small business accounting influencers will help you up your game.

Lauren MaffeoAssociate Principal Analyst

It seems like "influencer" lists are a dime a dozen these days. Whether these lists share the top marketing leaders who can tame your content or sales rock stars who can help you gain more inbound leads, they can be a great resource to gain new knowledge.

But it can be tough to find the influencer list that's most relevant to you. And it's safe to say that "small business accounting influencers" falls into that category.

Whether you're a trained accountant with your own practice or a small business owner who needs help balancing the books, it's not always easy to find answers to your questions. After all, there are many small business influencers out there - but not all of them answer accounting queries. On the flip side, not every accounting influencer works with small businesses. So, on the rare occasion that you hit the sweet spot - a small business influencer with accounting chops - following them is worth your time.

The following five influencers are worth following on Twitter. They share country-specific accounting information for small business owners. So, whether you want to trim your tax bill or learn if robots might replace accountants, these five will provide bite-sized bits of wisdom.

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Rebecca Benneyworth MBE


Best for: British small business owners who need spreadsheet-based tax software.

It's not always easy to pique someone's interest in accounting, but Rebecca Benneyworth gets the job done. This Member of the British Empire (MBE) was named Best Tax Lecturer at the Taxation Awards (yes, that's a thing). Rebecca also served as Chair of the ICAEW Tax Faculty and has helped everyone from small business owners to the UK's Treasury Department understand tax codes.

As if all that work isn't impressive enough, Rebecca is a small business owner herself. She owns a Gloucester-based accountancy practice and specializes in answering tax questions that impact entrepreneurs. She's also Director of Quality Management Software, which produces spreadsheet-based tax software for small business owners.

Follow her on Twitter for insights on tax news such as HMRC's goal to digitize the UK tax system.

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Gene Marks


Best for: U.S.-based small business owners who are interested in tech development.

If you're an online news junkie, you might have seen Gene Marks around the Web. This CPA-certified author writers for Forbes, The Washington Post, Entrepreneur, and more. And as President of The Marks Group, he also helps small business clients amp up their customer relationship management game.

Gene's daily column addresses a broad range of small business topics. These topics range from the ethics of employee tracking to updates on the States' federal overtime pay rules. But he writes about accounting as well - his article asking if IBM's Watson might replace accountants is worth a read.

Follow him on Twitter to read more about topics such as how tech allows small businesses to avoid tax plans. Just don't get any ideas…

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James Solomons


Best for: Australia-based small business owners who use Xero.

It's no secret that Xero's a hero in the small business accounting software world. That's due in no small part to James Solomon's leadership as Xero's Head of Accounting in Australia. He's also a Director at Aptus Advisory, where he helps clients grasp the value of cloud-based accounting software.

James writes on his personal website and Xero's blog. He's the first to admit that he writes when inspiration strikes - not to fill a quota. That means readers can wait some time in between new posts. But when new articles do appear, they offer advice on topics such as bringing advisory services into your small business accounting firm and tax deductions for Australian home-based business owners.

Follow James on Twitter for more frequent accounting insights that range from Xero product updates to ways that small business accountants can use real-time data.

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Heather Townsend


Best for: British entrepreneurs who own independent accounting and law firms.

Do you want to grow your small business' client list, but the thought of cold calling makes your skin crawl? Heather Townsend feels your pain and can teach you how to overcome it. She's judged the British Accountancy Awards three times and is a fellow of the Professional Speaking Association (PSA) in the UK and Ireland. Heather was also named 2015's #1 online influencer in accounting by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).

Heather works with everyone from business students to independent authors. She also coaches small business owners (mostly lawyers and accountants) who want to earn new clients. Heather has brought her wisdom to audiences at Deloitte, the Telegraph, Warwick Business School, and more. These talks have earned her endorsements from BBC journalists, the editor of AccountingWeb, and organizers of the National Tax and Accountants Conference.

Heather's blog - Howtomakepartner.com - offers advice on topics such as managing yourself and earning new business. And joining her legion of 13,000+ Twitter followers will give you these Tweet-sized tips throughout the day.

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Barbara Weltman


Best for: U.S.-based small business owners with questions about tax law.

It's tough to find a more qualified voice on the subject of small business tax law - Barbara Weltman literally wrote the book on this subject. She brings four decades of work as a tax and business attorney to readers of her e-book, 100+ Big Ideas for Your Small Business. Signing up for her Idea of the Day delivers one digestible tip per day on important topics for small business owners. These include updates on The Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council's latest release of its Small Business Policy Index, which ranks U.S. states on policies and costs that impact small businesses.

The list of awards that Barbara's blog has won is equally impressive. Her take on topics like earned income tax credits and employer audits has earned accolades from FitSmallBusiness.com, the Small Business Influencer Awards, bizHumm, and more.

Follow Barbara on Twitter for articles on vendor financing, how small businesses can utilize tax credits, how to cut your tax bill, and more.

Which small business accounting influencers do you follow on Twitter? Share your favorites in the comments!

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