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May 11, 2017

Count on Your Contacts: The Best CRMs for Xero

Xero is a popular accounting solution, and if you want to get more from it, try connecting it to your CRM. Here are the best CRMs for Xero.

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On the scale of necessary app integrations, CRM and accounting software are easily up there as "essential." An integration between a CRM and your accounting app gives you a better overview of your sales pipeline, showing you where the money's coming in (and where it might be held up). If you're a Xero user looking for a CRM, you'll definitely want to take compatibility into consideration.

With an integration between your CRM and Xero, you can:

  • Keep track of client transactions and communication history in one location.

  • Link client invoices to your CRM to get an overview of outstanding or upcoming payments.

  • Draft invoices and pay outstanding bills.

  • Sync contacts and invoices across apps so that changes you make in one app are reflected in the other.

  • Use historical purchase or spend data to better target future marketing efforts.

The first step is to consider which CRM apps connect with Xero. The second- more important- step, is to see which apps connect well.

Xero is a popular accounting solution with plenty of CRM options to integrate with. To help inform your decision, we've taken user reviews that highlight which Xero CRM integrations are the best. Below are the five best CRMs for Xero, as indicated by users.

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The best CRMs for Xero


Capsule is one of the top-rated CRMs of choice for integrations, not only with Xero, but with other popular business apps including G Suite, MailChimp, and Zendesk. Its integration with Xero let you sync the two apps to see the invoice status of customers and suppliers, as well as historical spending data and sales opportunities linked to customer contacts.

Its feature set includes:

  • Sales pipeline management

  • Calendar management

  • Custom reports

  • Forecasting

  • Social media integration

What users said:

"Capsule CRM is a great lightweight CRM which lets you get started straight away. It's simple to set up and a very good CRM when you're first getting started. It's got great integrations between systems, a hook up to XERO which is very handy to see invoices that are attached to the client. The other great part is the custom functionality you can build into the system, it takes a little bit of time but its really worth it[…]"


Insightly is a dual CRM and project management solution, making project billing and invoicing a huge feature of the app. Understandably, you'll want to link all of this billing and invoicing activity with Xero to avoid duplicate data entry. The Xero CRM integration gives users access to financial data gathered by Insightly, the option of creating contacts and syncing between apps, and the ability to create invoices in Insightly that can be sent to Xero for approval.

Along with Xero, Insightly is notable for its seamless and deep integration with Google services such as Gmail, Calendar, and Docs.

Key features include:

  • Calendar sync with Google

  • Email templates

  • Project and task management

  • Document storage

  • Reporting and statistics

What users said:

"Great CRM and Pipeline Management out the box! Contact Syncing for Google is great - despite minor issues. Good simple project lists. Links nicely to Mailchimp and Xero."

Really Simple Systems

As per its self-descriptive name, Really Simple Systems (RSS) is a CRM for those looking for an easier-than-average way to manage sales and marketing. With its Xero integration, you'll get the (as you've probably noticed by now) standard cross app contact syncing, real-time customer balances, and invoice creation in Xero for RSS.

Additional features are:

  • Email marketing

  • Drip marketing campaigns

  • Mobile integration

  • In-app chat

  • Free customer support

What users said:

"New small business that needed a CRM to get started with and RSS was perfect. We will continue with RSS as we grow because they were with us when we needed them. Works brilliantly with Xero."


Similar to Insightly, WORKetc CRM moonlights as a project management and overall business management solution to extend its reach further into the sales and marketing pool. Its functions include everything from pipeline management and lead nurturing, to time tracking and expense management. This is where the Xero CRM integration will come in handy, which integrates with each part of the WORKetc platform that you'll want to sync up with accounting tasks. The most notable integration function is (you guessed it) invoice syncing, as well as tracking billable hours.

Other key features include:

  • Workflow management

  • User access controls

  • Budgeting and forecasting

  • Timesheet management

  • Help desk management

What users said:

"We've been using WorkEtc now for 2 years. Before WorkEtc we ran Daylite as our central CRM but when I (the boss) needed to spend considerable time out of the office we needed a solution that was quick and efficient via the internet. We looked at a number of different solutions but chose WorkEtc as it was more than just a CRM. One of the key features that we were won over on was the Project Management/Invoicing process; WorkEtc allowed us to generate and post project related invoices to Xero at great ease."

Accelo CRM

Accelo CRM is gaining traction in the CRM space thanks to its multi-functionality and handy integrations, which include G Suite, JIRA, and Microsoft Office 365. Its Xero integration will show you client invoices and payments, let you send account statements, approve billable time, accept credit card payments, or receive bills electronically and process them through the app.

Other notable features are:

  • Task tracking and management

  • Calendar and task synchronization

  • Team collaboration

  • Search and filtering features

  • Financial reporting

What users said:

"With Accelo everything is all in the one place: CRM, Email Communication, Project Management, Support Ticketing, Invoicing, Retainers, etc. and it also integrates with our other tools (Xero, MailChimp) and when there isn't an integration there is the API which covers 90% of the product. It's the only product we found that did everything well. Interface is clean and easy to use (although has a bit of a learning curve - mostly due to the HUGE amount of features and multiple ways to get things done). Support is responsive and when something doesn't work they are quick to rectify[…] Xero integration is great but doesn't track custom columns in invoices[…]"

Looking for more options? Check out some other CRMs that integrate with Xero.

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