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The Best Project Management AI Apps for iPhone

Aug 9, 2017

AI will be more crucial for project management software than mobile or cloud capabilities in 5 years. These project management AI apps for iPhone can help.

Lauren MaffeoAssociate Principal Analyst

Does it seem like AI is everywhere these days? It's not your imagination. Artificial intelligence (AI) impacts aspects of our lives including work, entertainment, and especially software.

Industries from sales to accounting use AI to automate tasks that a human might do. And since software is designed to automate tasks, vendors ranging from HubSpot to Xero are investing in AI to do more manual work, like lead generation. But despite this trend - and Gartner's prediction that AI will be more important than mobile or cloud options in five years - project management has been slow to adopt it.

"Alexa, show me my sprints"

As AI becomes more mature, certain aspects of it (such as speech recognition and predictive analytics) show huge potential to boost teams' performance. When incorporated into project management software, they have the potential to manage parts of projects without human input.

The drawback? Most AI technologies are still so new that they're risky to deploy. Since just half of all software projects are delivered on time and within budget - and just 2.5 percent of companies finish 100 percent of their projects - adding even more risk to projects doesn't sound smart.

But just because AI is tomorrow's future doesn't mean that it can't help today. There are a few forward-thinking apps that integrate AI into project management. They use AI technologies like chatbots to help project teams communicate clearly, improve task management, and more. Their cloud-based status also means that these apps can be used on any Internet-connected device.

The Best Project Management AI Apps for iPhone

In this article, we'll share three project management AI apps for iPhone. To earn a spot on this list, each app had to:

  • Use AI technology;

  • Offer an app for iOS devices (iPhones and iPads);

  • Have a user rating of 4 stars or higher from GetApp readers.

As noted above, we're still in the early days of AI in project management. Although there's huge potential for AI to help project managers work smarter, mass adoption isn't here yet. That's why we've shared project management tools that incorporate AI and provide iOS apps for iPhones and iPads. That said, not every software tool's mobile app has all the features of its desktop version. This is true for the apps below as well.

Here are the apps we'll cover


ClickUp gets lots of love from GetApp readers: It currently boasts a close-to-perfect rating, due in large part to its slick UI. It's also one of the most advanced project management AI apps for iPhone.

Key features

ClickBox offers not one, but three project dashboards: List, Box, and Board. The tool's idea, client, task, and risk management features also earn high marks from users. And it supports several project management methodologies, including Agile, Scrum, Kanban, and Waterfall.

But its AI algorithms are what makes ClickUp stand out. The app's AI can predict the best project team member to perform a certain task, then automatically assign that task to them. ClickUp also uses context to automatically tag users in comments and predict when project deadlines can't be met. This could go a long way towards helping project managers avoid risk.

Why we love it

"ClickUp is the first management platform designed for modern project management," GetApp Reviewer Dean Thompson says. "Exceptional design and professional features in a sleek, reliable frame. As part of my front-end web design team, let me just tell you that all of us were VERY reluctant to try ClickUp.

"We were already busy and didn't want to commit MORE time to another project management tool," Thompson explains. "Little did we know how smooth the onboarding would be. The intuitive layout really makes adoption a non-issue. Now there is no way we would go back to the days before ClickUp. You should at least sign up for the free version."

Price point

ClickUp's cheapest (read: free) plan supports 100MB of storage and unlimited projects. That said, several GetApp readers note that the free version of this app has a scaled-back feature set.

Project teams that need the full range of features can spend $5 per user per month on ClickUp's Business plan for unlimited projects, storage, and apps. Project teams that work in an enterprise, nonprofit, or education can also get a price quote.

JIRA Software

JIRA Software is a project management staple. Atlassian's project and issue tracking software is widely considered the gold standard. It's also at the forefront of AI in project management.

Key features

JIRA allows project teams to create, collaborate on, and capture issues from any device. The JIRA Cloud app for iPhone and iPad lets users with JIRA Cloud or JIRA Core accounts work from anywhere.

JIRA's integrations also make it stand out among project management AI apps for iPhone. A JIRA Slack integration bot via Nextup connects Slack to JIRA. This creates a channel between project team members' chats and tickets. The Atlassian marketplace also offers stratejos - a project management assistant designed to help project teams automate estimates, budgets, and sprints.

Why we love it

"The combination of features, robust marketplace, large user community, and straightforward cost are tough to beat," GetApp Reviewer Russell Hiatt says. "JIRA's flexibility has improved our effectiveness in managing work."

Price point

JIRA's Cloud software costs a $10 monthly flat fee for up to 10 users. Larger project teams with 11-100 users can use the app for $7 per user per month.


According to Capterra's Rachel Burger, chatbots are the most common AI technology in today's project management software. Redbooth embodies this trend through its partnership with, which allows Redbooth to help project managers keep their teams on track.

Key features allows users to build voice messaging apps that drive conversations. So, Redbooth's partnership with prompts project managers to ask their teams questions like, "Which feature requests are most urgent?" or "Show me which tasks each team member's working on."

This AI complements Redbooth's project management features. Users can create Gantt charts, role-based permissions for project access, and wiki-style rich text notes. The tool also offers integrations with Outlook and Gmail. And Redbooth's iOS app lets you view, receive, and manage tasks - including status updates, sub-tasks, and due dates - on the go.

Why we love it

"I did quite a bit of research on my own of different project management sites and apps, and Redbooth was the only option that had the scope of features I needed for a reasonable price," GetApp Reviewer Liz Lemmons says. "I use an Android mobile device and an Apple computer. My clients typically are on an iOS mobile device and PC computer.

"Redbooth features are simple and concise enough that I can quickly and efficiently navigate through, but with plenty of functionality," Lemmons adds. "I am in an email-heavy industry and Redbooth will allow us to operate more efficiently with the internal messaging commenting/status features which will also reduce email volume."

Price point

Redbooth's cheapest plan is free for up to 10 users. It includes up to five work spaces; 2 GB of file storage space; and access to apps for iOS, Android, and Apple TV. By contrast, its Pro plan is designed for growing teams and costs $5 per month with no user minimum.

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