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Nov 10, 2017

Three Top-Rated EHR Solutions for Chiropractors

If you're a chiropractor that hasn't looked into an EHR solution, you might be missing out. But don't worry, we've put together an informative list to help.

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The passing of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act in 2009 established a $19 billion incentive for medical institutions to adopt EHR software: chiropractors that highlight their use of ONC-ATCB-certified chiropractic EHR software receive increased Medicare and Medicaid premiums. Choosing not to implement EHR software results in penalties by way of decreased Medicare and Medicaid payments.

So, what are some of the top-rated EHR chiropractic solutions that you can choose from? We have shortlisted the top three EHR solutions for chiropractors below, based on their rating and reviews in ascending order from GetApp's chiropractic directory. We've compiled some feedback below from users that have used EHR software that includes what they liked about the app and what they think could be improved.

(Please note: The feedback given in each of the "Common user feedback trends" sections are the opinions of GetApp's reviewers, and do not represent the opinion of GetApp. Read more about our methodology at the bottom of this article.)

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DrChrono has developed a cloud-based EHR app for iPad and iPhone that lets patients and chiropractors manage patient diagnosis, schedule appointments, view billing information, and manage clinical workflows. Physicians can use an iPhone to document patient case histories, write a note on patient cases, and sign off and share reports with patients and across labs.

The app allows physicians to submit complete patient billing documentation directly to the billing team or to the insurance company, without requiring the patient's involvement. DrChrono's EHR iPhone app puts a patient's complete clinical diagnosis in the palm of a physician's hand, which means that updating a patient's history takes only a few taps.

DrChrono EHR software includes the following features:

  • Self check-in patient portal that contains eRX with EPCS (e-prescribe controlled substances) for generating online prescriptions.

  • Appointment reminders that can be scheduled and automatically sent to patients a day prior to appointments, and can also verify patient eligibility for medical insurance.

  • Customized smart medical forms that allow physicians to chose from a range of medical diagnosis templates; this streamlines documentation by offering the ability to integrate fees, schedules, and billing code with any template.

Source: GetApp’s DrChrono overview section. The image above is a screenshot of DrChrono’s dashboard on a laptop as well as user interface on smart devices.

Common user feedback trends

Based on analysis of user reviews on GetApp from EHR users in the chiropractic industry, here's an overview of the areas of drchrono they like best, as well as those they feel could use improvement.

What users like

  • Easy billing entries and user-friendly interface: The software's insurance billing module helps bill patients based on their health insurance. Some users said that DrChrono can integrate with labs and eRX (electronic prescription incentive program) that saves the time for staff at chiropractic clinics. Most users said that entering patient billing information in the software is easy due to the user-friendly interface of the software.

  • Customization of data as per practice: Users said that they can customize the patient portal and medical billing practices to match their practice standards. They further state that DrChrono also supports managing appointments in bulk to handle multiple appointments without data entry.

  • Easy to view patient record on mobile apps: Most users state that the compatibility of the software with iPhone and iPad devices is an added advantage, as it lets patients and chiropractors receive billing and prescription information on their iOS mobile app while on the go.

User recommended improvements

  • Reporting features should have more options: GetApp reviewers indicate that they would like the reporting feature to have more customizable filters so that they can generate reports specific to patient history, total visits, prescribed medications, and more.

  • Billing information should be easier to view: Most users would like the font size of the software to be more readable as patient details and billing transactions are sometimes difficult to read.

  • More collaboration options: In terms of improving collaboration while viewing patient reports, some users state that they would like to receive a notification when someone else edits the same clinical note to improve collaboration.

Who should consider DrChrono?

If you are a chiropractor that works or has worked across multiple clinics and spend your time traveling to these clinics, consider DrChrono as the software's dedicated iPhone and iPad app to help you track patient records without accessing files from your clinic.

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Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion provides healthcare access to patients by offering both patients and physicians the ability to view and edit data within the same platform, all while maintaining patient records and documentation online. By maintaining records online, Practice Fusion streamlines clinical workflows and makes data accessible to other labs, practice locations, and third-party medical health consultants without security breaches.

The software has dedicated modules for practice management, patient engagement, and EHR. The EHR module is tailor-made for chiropractors with the following features:

  • Automatic import of patient data that reduces manual data entry and features a quick product implementation cycle with less downtime, which means you can easily download the latest, up-to-date patient reports.

  • Patient appointment scheduling through online portal that features automatic check-ins, test result sharing, and patient histories with nearby test labs and other practice locations.

  • Automatic checking of patient eligibility for health insurance claims along with automated appointment scheduling and reminder notifications.

  • Pre-defined charting templates that help practices create customized patient templates to capture clinical workflows from prescribing medications to recommending lab tests.

Source: GetApp’s Practice Fusion overview section. The image above is a screenshot of Practice Fusion’s dashboard.

Common user feedback trends

Based on analysis of user reviews on GetApp from EHR users in the chiropractic industry, here's an overview of the areas of Practice Fusion they like best, as well as those they feel could use improvement.

  • Automated online patient billing: Most users indicate that the software's online patient billing saves time by avoiding manual data entry and sending direct payment report to patients. The software also integrates with other billing software to offer more billing features.

  • Robust reporting dashboard: Practice Fusion has an advanced merit-based incentive payment system (MIPS) and physician quality reporting system (PQRS) that feed into the reporting dashboards that help track Medicare incentives.

  • Automates patient appointments: Users state that the software helps in automating appointments scheduling. As a cloud-based EHR system, Practice Fusion securely allows patient records to be accessed across practice locations and even by outside medical consultants.

  • Strong training and technical support: Most users indicate that the free learning center helps them train their staff on implementing an EHR system in their practice with free customer service through phone calls, emails, text messages, and online chat.

User recommended improvements

  • Appointment scheduling can be improved further: Some users indicate that appointments are not always saved and that there is a delay in appointment reminders sent to the clinic scheduled by patients, which often results in double booking of appointments.

  • More integration options would be an added benefit: Most users indicate that there are few integrations with other lab and imaging software, which makes diagnosing patient history difficult.

Who should consider Practice Fusion?

If you require robust reporting dashboard to manage Medicare incentives and patient health records, consider Practice Fusion for your clinic. Moreover, if you are implementing chiropractic EHR software for the first time in your clinic, Practice Fusion's free learning center should make it easy to train your staff in using the software.

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E-Z BIS is one of the top-rated medical solutions specifically designed for chiropractors. It features billing alongside appointment and scheduling management, and is available in two editions:

  • E-Z BIS Basic: Designed for small practices

  • E-Z BIS Office: Designed for larger clinics

The software is composed of modules that can be purchased individually. For example, patient appointment scheduling is available within the Front Desk module, while documentation features are offered within the EHR module. As a chiropractor, if you are looking for a dedicated EHR solution, then opt for the E-Z BIS EHR add-on module, which offers the following features:

  • Digital patient sign-in sheets with task scheduling and schedule reminders.

  • Auto-generated monthly billing statements and patient search options.

  • Patient review system tools that help patients create a checklist of symptoms to be entered into the EHR for diagnosing medical conditions.

  • Billing module that aids with insurance payments, credit card processing, and claims management.

Source: GetApp’s E-Z BIS overview section. The image above is a screenshot of E-Z BIS’s dashboard.

Common user feedback trends

Based on analysis of user reviews on GetApp from EHR users in the chiropractic industry, here's an overview of the areas of GetApp's E-Z BIS they like best, as well as those they feel could use improvement.

What users like

  • Automatic verification of patient insurance: Most users indicate that the software helps verify patient insurance through the use of the Front Desk module, which automatically sends reminders to patients through texts or email messages.

  • Dedicated patient portal: The software features a dedicated patient portal that helps track patient EHR records and helps patients receive prescription information.

  • Prompt customer service: Users state that the software's customer service helps to resolve technical issues and demonstrate how the software can help implement health care compliance changes in the medical industry related to EHR, PQRS, and ICD-10 coding.

User recommended improvements

  • Steep learning curve: Most users indicate that initially it is difficult to learn some features of the software as many modules utilize advanced filter options to do simpler tasks like viewing patient records.

Who should consider E-Z BIS?

Since E-Z BIS is available in two modules (Basic and Office), consider the one that best suit your clinic. If you are small clinic, go for the Basic module as it includes a specialized Front Desk feature that can automate patient scheduling and appointments for your clinic. The Office module should prove cost effective for your clinic if you have large size of staff that would use the software to schedule appointments.

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Next steps

These are just three of the top chiropractic EHR solutions shortlisted based on the highest rating and reviews on GetApp. This article, as well as the reviews and features included within should help you decide on the EHR solution that works best for your chiropractic practice. Beyond this article, we have additional GetApp resources that can help you select chiropractic EHR software:

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The solutions highlighted in this article are the EHR software with the highest average overall user rating from chiropractors. For this article, we evaluated three EHR software with approximately 400 user reviews (exclusively from the chiropractic specialty) from GetApp.

The criteria to shortlist the top three products is:

  • To shortlist top chiropractic EHR solutions, we analyzed the reviews from users in the chiropractic segment.

  • From the shortlisted software, we considered only those which are listed on GetApp.

  • The "common user feedback" sections include "what users like" and "user recommended improvements" for each product, based on feedback from users who left reviews.

  • The "who should consider this software" section is a summary of analysis conducted on the general comments from software users. This section highlights the most popular features of the software product and recommends who should consider buying that product and why.

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