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Sep 08, 2017
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Ultimate Guide to Choosing Martial Arts Software

Abhishek SinghTeam Lead

You might be a pro black belt martial arts teacher-but have you mastered the art of managing student attendance, scheduling classes, automating billing, and all the other administrative tasks that go into maintaining a martial arts studio? Martial arts software can help you do all this and more, letting you focus on teaching judo, karate, Tae kwon do, and other martial arts styles.

Read this article to learn how to choose martial arts software, identify key features, understand pricing ranges, and how the software can help you manage and boost membership at your martial arts studio.

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What is martial arts software?

Martial arts software is tailor-made for managing your martial arts studio's business operations. It does this by automating tasks such as tracking memberships and scheduling classes, all of which reduces paperwork and data entry.

The software helps:

  • Manage member data by organizing information in dashboards and reports

  • Save and view members' personal information

  • Track member activity

  • Assign belt grades and assignments

  • Manage attendance

  • Monitor payments

Unlike club management software, gym management software, or general scheduling software, martial arts software is exclusively made for managing martial arts belt grade levels. This added specificity makes managing your martial arts studio easier and more effective.

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Key features of martial arts software

Some of the other features that you should consider while purchasing a martial arts software are listed as follows:

  • Student management: Helps manage member data by organizing personal information-including name, address, performance, and fee payment—in a cloud-based database. Most martial arts software has an advanced filtering option to save and retrieve members' personal information to keep track of attendance, activity, belts, and competition results.

  • Attendance tracking: Lets your members use their iOS or Android mobile device to mark their attendance when they arrive for a class by scanning QR code cards. Attendance tracking through QR codes saves a lot of time for you and your members, as it does not require manual input of data. You also save money by not utilizing expensive bar code readers and other advanced hardware or software.

  • Automated billing: Tracks payments from members to provide up-to-date billing information. Creates notifications for automatic billing to send timely reminders to members to ensure fees are paid on time. Helps you process credit and debit card payments and lets you avoid having to create a payment gateway for processing card related payments. Automated billing also lets you assign special discounts to certain plans.

  • Point of sale (POS): Helps you sell martial arts merchandise like T-shirts to members or other customers by accepting credit card-based payments and keeping a stock of inventory. A POS integration with martial arts software often creates methods for members to add products to an online shopping cart and purchase your merchandise.

  • Member portal: Allows members to log into a dashboard to enroll, schedule or cancel classes, make payments, and track progress. Most member portals can be accessed through iOS and Android devices.

  • Belts and grading management: This niche feature of most martial arts software shows the performance of members based on martial belts, such as a white, orange, green, and black. Make sure that any martial arts software that you purchase has a belt grading system to view your member's progress through training, class history, and performance.

  • Email and notification automation: Automates marketing campaigns based on event triggers. This feature helps you email members in a distribution list to inform them about new classes, martial arts campaigns, events, or other important information. You can also send automatic notifications to members about payment reminders or changes in class schedule.

  • Scheduling: Helps schedule classes based on daily, weekly, and monthly calendars. This feature lets you add members to new or existing classes, depending on their performance. You can also send automatic reminders to members when a class is scheduled.

  • Analytics dashboard: Simplifies reporting of key metrics by representing data in bar charts and other visual diagrams so that you can get a quick overview of classes, fee payments, and your overall business. This feature allows you to segment data quickly and easily between locations and compare data over a period by viewing daily and hourly martial arts class plans.

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Pricing range of martial arts software

Based on our investigation of vendor websites, the pricing model of martial arts software is based on monthly subscription or on the number of users.

It's generally more expensive to purchase martial arts software as a monthly subscription instead of a user-based subscription. Software based on a monthly subscription starts at an average price of $45 per month. For example, Kicksite starts at $49 per month and includes features such as automatic upgrades, unlimited call center support, and training on the software for new users.

Comparatively, martial arts software for at least 15 members is priced at an average price of $10 per month. For example, Blackbelt CRM pricing starts from $9.95 for 14 students, the standard version is available for $30 for 100 users and the advanced version is priced at $40 for an unlimited number of users per month.

Most of the software that are tailor made for martial arts don't have a free trial version. However, you can schedule a demo or request of quote for a software such as Member Solutions.

If you have a fixed number of users per month, go for user-based subscriptions. However, if you need more features and have a fluctuating number of users per month, monthly-based subscriptions would end up being the best choice for your martial arts studio, despite the elevated price.

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Does your business need martial arts software?

In order for your understanding of features and price range to make sense, it's important to closely consider whether the ultimate decision to purchase martial arts software is the right one.

This is one question that confounds many martial arts studio owners, often resulting in them opting for club management or scheduling software, which doesn't always feature belt grades and leaderboards for martial arts classes. Here are some advantages or business benefits of using dedicated martial arts software as compared to a club management or scheduling software:

  • Manage martial arts belt grades efficiently: Your members need to be awarded a martial arts belt depending on the level of martial arts skills that they attain while completing your classes. Martial arts software features a belt grading system that certifies members a martial arts belts (yellow, white, black, etc.) depending. Club management and scheduling software don't offer a belt management feature. Instead, they have leaderboards to rank members according to their fitness skills.

  • Offer retail martial arts merchandise through POS: Apart from martial arts training, does your business also offer martial arts merchandise? A martial arts software can help you sell your merchandise with your business logo through retail POS. In this feature, you have your own e-commerce portal that allows your members to purchase martial arts wear. So, instead of having a separate POS to sell your merchandise, most martial arts software have their own POS to help you track e-commerce payments through credit cards, inventory levels, and much more.

  • Allow members to access martial arts knowledge base: Most martial arts software offer online assignments, tests, and knowledge base for your members to access information on the types of martial arts that they seek to master. For example, Member Solutions has a member portal that enables your members to access information related to their classes.

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Examples of martial arts software

Here are three top examples of martial arts software that can help you manage your martial arts studio effectively:


Kicksite helps users optimize their management reporting workflows and enhances interactions with the members through its intuitive user interface. The software helps you manage attendance, fees, communication, leads, rank, and social media tools. Kicksite summarizes your entire business activities in a dashboard and your members can monitor their belt rankings through a self-service portal.

Members can sign in to classes through their smartphone devices check-in feature. You also receive attendance notifications on student sign-ins and view monthly or weekly reports on the overall attendance of members.

Kicksite's automated event emails, scheduled notifications, and reminders are handy communication tools to enhance interactions with members. You can organize classes by sending reminders daily, weekly, or monthly through the communications calendar that is integrated with the dashboard.

Price: Starts from $49 per month

Member Solutions

Member Solutions streamlines your martial arts studio's membership life cycle by managing marketing related activities, potential leads, and tracking attendance. The software automates the process of lead management, renewals, and fee payment by having a dedicated member portal. Here, members can self-check-in, electronically sign documents, and track progress of their belt grades.

Member Solutions has a dedicated POS system that lets you sell memberships, classes, martial arts equipment, and merchandise. The POS module also helps to track inventory and sales. The software integrates with your martial arts studio website through which you can share class schedules, allow leads to sign-up, and manage appointments.

Price: Available on request


BlackBeltCRM manages annual and monthly contracts, tracks payments, and monitors the expiration of member contracts.

The software features a color-coded attendance management system that helps to highlight absentee time during long periods of not attending a class. With this feature, you can also ensure that members don't default on their monthly class payments. You can also conduct and save results of belt exams and display belt ranking on member portals. The software also lets you send marketing emails to members in order to inform them of events and new classes through the Message Center feature.

Price: Starts at $9.95 per month for up to 14 users

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Next steps

You should have a brief idea about the features and other parameters that can help you evaluate martial art software. But before you go ahead and opt for one, make sure you check out some other GetApp resources:

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