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Mar 7, 2017

10 women in project management to follow on Twitter

Need to implement Agile or select the right software? Follow these women in project management on Twitter to boost your own game.

Lauren MaffeoContent Analyst

Project management is having a moment. This discipline is rapidly moving from silo-ed IT departments to C-suite boardrooms. But that growing influence begs a crucial question: do women have seats at the new strategy table?

A 2010 Project Management Institute (PMI) study on gender in project management reported that its 500,000 global members and credential holders were just 30 percent female. That said, we should note that gender equity varied across sector. For instance, just 6.5 percent of construction project managers were found to be female, yet 48 percent of project managers in financial services were.

More research is needed to know where these numbers stand today. In the meantime, we're thrilled to see several women in project management


their smarts.

To honor International Women’s Day on March 8th, we’ve highlighted 10 women in project management to follow on Twitter. Each leader has her own expertise, from implementing Agile and PPM strategies to choosing the right project management software. But all of these women have one thing in common: they’ll help you excel at the art of project management.

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Belinda Waldock

Belinda is an Agile business coach, author of Being Agile in Business, and a Computer Science graduate whose book was shortlisted as the CMI Management Book of the Year. Her “Being Agile” approach is adopted by businesses across sectors such as tech, fashion, manufacturing, and marketing. Belinda is also on the organizing committee for the award-winning conference www.AgileontheBeach.co.uk. Finally, Belinda is an organizer for www.SoftwareCornwall.org, which is the UK’s second fastest-growing digital cluster. She often speaks at events and is active on Twitter. In both arenas, she shares her experiences adopting Agile within and beyond the tech sector.


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Colleen Garton

Colleen didn’t just write the book on project management - she wrote two. She co-authored Fundamentals of Technology Project Management, which includes 60 templates to lead teams through the project lifecycle. Colleen also co-wrote Managing Without Walls to help globally dispersed project teams. Her Twitter advice ranges from sharing why you should give junior project team members tough tasks to asking project clients what worked well with previous PMs.


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Danielle Zhu

Danielle brings 15 years of knowledge to her project management work. She’s the current manager of engineering development for AppFusions. In this role, she provides packaged integration products and professional service projects for clients like Neiman Marcus and Netflix. Danielle’s Twitter feed champions Agile project management, software product management, and collaborative work spaces.


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Donna Fitzgerald

With more than three decades of project management work, Donna Fitzgerald’s an industry veteran. As a research vice president at Gartner, she helps clients use program and portfolio management to grow their businesses. Donna’s writing for the Gartner Blog Network explores topics like redefining Agile in the digital age and why your project team could use some negativity. Finally, Donna’s Twitter feed shares unique industry insights. These include a scary case of what happens when teams rely too much on badly designed software.


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Eileen O' Loughlin

As a market research associate for Software Advice, Eileen’s a go-to expert for helping project managers select the right software. Her research includes topics like what to include in your project management report and how to tell if your small business needs a project management office. Follow her on Twitter for tips to reduce risk, a guide for using Kanban to improve process efficiency, and to learn which project management software earned top marks from Software Advice’s FrontRunners Quadrant.


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Elizabeth Harrin

A Girl’s Guide to Project Management back in 2006 after realizing how few female voices there were in project management. Elizabeth uses her blog to share tips that range from best practice stakeholder management to building a PM site in SharePoint. Elizabeth’s Twitter-verified feed shares insights like which details you should put in your project management plans. She also offers advice on how to manage client feedback and which skills project managers should focus on the most.


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Kaitlin Bartlett

Like a true entrepreneur, Kaitlin Bartlett wears many hats. This Senior Digital Producer at SEED leads content strategy, project management, and client relations for the Melbourne-based product development team. Like Elizabeth, Kaitlin’s Twitter feed boasts that coveted blue check. She shares advice on how to tell if you need a native app, how to use content for client retention, and (in an ode to analysts) the worst tech predictions of the past 150 years.


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Lindsay Scott

Great project managers are tough to find - unless you ask Lindsay Scott. She co-founded Arras People, a project management recruitment firm, in 2002. Today, Arras People is a one-stop shop for anyone who must hire an ace project manager. Lindsay is also a PMO expert who co-edited the Handbook of People in Project Management. Follow her on Twitter for advice about taking time off from your project management career, the top five skills portfolio directors need, and the latest project management job listings.


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Linky van der Merwe

As the founder of Virtual Project Consulting, Linky consults local business owners on PM topics that include best practice processes and delivery. This Cape Town-based entrepreneur is also a member of Project Management South Africa (PMSA) and a volunteer for the Project Management Institute (PMI). As if all of that’s not impressive enough, she also contributed to the book Strategic Integration of Social Media into Project Management Practice. Linky uses Twitter to share advice on how to study for your PMP exam, how to work smarter using project management tools, and how to use Gantt charts for project planning.


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Rachel Burger

In the sphere of blogging success, Capterra’s project management blog is a runaway train. That’s due in large part to Rachel Burger, who helms the blog as its lead writer. Topics range from discussing which PM software has QuickBooks integrations to the top free and open-source PM software for small businesses. Capterra’s blog enthusiasts have double the Twitter options. Rachel’s own account shares a wealth of knowledge about online marketing alongside PM software insights. Capterra also has its own project management handle that shares the latest niche knowledge.

@RachelBurgerPM or @CapterraPM

Did these women in project management inspire you to step up your own game? If so, check out some project management and planning software tools to help you save time and boost efficiency. From there, you can research several types of project management software such as Agile, PPM, and time tracking.

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