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Enterprise point of sale & inventory management for venues

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Be Marston

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Reviewed 2019-08-03
Review Source: Capterra

This is causing problems, not solving them. This system has turned a fun job into a nightmare of stress and has cost several of us money. These guys seriously have no idea how much suffering they have caused us. we used to enjoy this job and now we dread coming to work. We have had servers crying with frustration. IT'S NOT ABOUT ADJUSTING TO A NEW SYSTEM. THE SYSTEM IS THE PROBLEM. We have a 7 year veteran employee and others who are seriously considering quitting over this POS. I know a lot of people in the biz, and I will actively make sure no one I know gets appetize. I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

Nothing. Literally nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

Instead of making my job easier, the system is an encumbrance, making my job harder, slowing me down, which costs me money. it lacks the speed and functionality of our previous system, versitouch, that ran on windows 97. Whoever designed it, has ckearly never worked in this industry. Despite their claims, there is no way to do basic restaurant functions like splitting checks, transferring checks or putting a limited amount on a food item so the servers don't over sell beyond what you have in supply. What I could do with one step on our previous system now requires 3 steps and two different drop down menus- and that's just to open the cash drawer! The screens freeze too often, and there are a LOT of glitches, like one where if the date is wrong it won't print checks sent to kitchen or bar so servers were writing hand written tickets like it was 1985. We have been calling support constantly, but have had little in the way of results and many of the issues are faults of the system design itself and so can't really be "fixed" unless they redesign the software.

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Hi Be,

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Enterprise point of sale & inventory management for venues