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Hosted platform for remotely managing and monitoring kiosks

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KioCloud overview

KioCloud is a cloud-based remote management solution for public-facing kiosks across the full breadth of business deployment. Suitable for SMB’s, commercial retail and public administrations alike, KioCloud centralizes system software to alleviate potentially troublesome kiosk server configuration. Supporting one device per paid account subscription, the solution allows managers to focus on delivering consistent content across a fleet of kiosks while monitoring usage and device status.

Featuring pre-hosted KioWare server software at its core, KioCloud’s specific features span user management and the definition of customizable roles or permissions for those logging into the server console via browser or app. Organize devices into unlimited groups or projects, while issuing remote management commands such as shutdown/reboot or performing file updates. Monitor kiosk health by receiving regular heartbeat data, scheduled performance reports and event log diagnostics. Similarly, usage statistics can be collected periodically or after every user session and reports generated to accurately describe display page, session or other usage data. In addition, native companion apps for mobile iOS and Android platforms are available with varying configuration features and remote access functionality to keep kiosks managed from any location.


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KioCloud screenshot: KioWare kiosk system software app for Android showing config optionsKioWare Introduction VideoKioCloud screenshot: KioskPro detailing kiosk monitoring via subscription to Remote Management ServerAndroid Kiosk App with Exit Tutorial by KioWare

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KioCloud pricing

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Free 30-day trial available. Annual subscription pricing is per kiosk, quantity discounts available – request quote for full KioCloud pricing.

Kiosk Pro app:

Lite - FREE
Basic - $19.99 per device
Plus - $39.99
Enterprise - $79.99

KioCloud features

Reporting & Statistics

API (54 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (50 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (63 other apps)
Automatic Reminders (47 other apps)
Credit Card Processing (44 other apps)
Customer Database (46 other apps)
Customer History (47 other apps)
Customer Loyalty Program (58 other apps)
Discount Management (47 other apps)
Employee Management (44 other apps)
Gift Card System (49 other apps)
Inventory Management (50 other apps)
Inventory Tracking (67 other apps)
Multi-Location (61 other apps)
POS (91 other apps)
Real Time Data (47 other apps)
Sales Reporting (55 other apps)
Search Functionality (48 other apps)
Third Party Integration (46 other apps)

Additional information for KioCloud

Key features of KioCloud

  • Touch Screen
  • Wireless Internet Access
  • Virtual Keyboard
  • Remote Access
  • Onsite Printing
  • Usage Reporting
  • Remote Update / Installation
  • Secure Browsing
  • ADA Compliance
  • XML Configuration
  • License Management
  • Manage kiosks remotely and issue core system commands
  • Native mobile apps for iOS and Android, KioWare and KioskPro
  • Create and serve interactive content to kiosk
  • Mobile apps include remote authentication
  • Manage user authorization for logging onto server console
  • Secure login both via web and via mobile app
  • Wireless internet access
  • Monitor the health and device status of kiosks
  • Monitor user activity and view usage statistics
  • Collect device usage statistics at set intervals
  • Create customized user roles and profiles
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KioCloud facilitates the online management of kiosks using hosted, centralized KioWare server software and thus freeing administrators of additional technical burden.
User management features enable user roles and permissions to be defined, improving security around server access and what actions can be performed.
Support multiple device operating systems including KioWare and Kiosk Pro, while organizing a potentially large pool of kiosk devices into manageable groups.
Remote management capabilities allow file updates or core system commands to be issued from anywhere, alongside the receipt of status data for remote kiosk monitoring.
Capture valuable insights from kiosk usage information, choosing to receive device usage statistics at defined intervals and create detailed reports from the results.