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RisoEvent overview

What is RisoEvent?

RisoEvent is a web-based florist management system that offers event florists a single platform from which to manage event proposals, costs and delivery. Incorporating customizable contracts, private catalogs and load-out lists as well as auto-pricing and staff rosters, RisoEvent aims to provide users with a smart event florist management solution.

In order to help users create, manage and deliver floral events effectively, RisoEvent equips users with features like shopping lists, workroom orders and load-out lists. With RisoEvent’s list management functionality, users have quick and central access to event details. Moreover, RisoEvent ensures important information is easily accessible to users through integrated online product catalogs. Besides event lists and catalogs, RisoEvent includes an interviews module which enables users to construct a basic event plan in seconds.

With RisoEvent, users can control finances easily by counting stems, calculating costs and setting cost-of-goods targets. Furthermore, users can initiate auto-pricing, establish future pricing and handle discounts accurately and conveniently. Users can also manage employees with staff rotas and event sign-in/sign-out sheets and coordinate with vendors using event summaries. To further enhance user-productivity, RisoEvent supports integration with Google Maps, Google Calendar and weather Almanac.


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RisoEvent reviews


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David Rohr

Now I Can't Live Without RisoEvent

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-03-03
Review Source: Capterra

I just had to say...today I had one of the BIGGEST 4 day corporate event jobs to bid out, time lines, production pieces, flowers, set ups, rentals...the works. It was the largest corporate event to date. I was able to work up an event sales order in about 2 hours. It covered everything, right down to the last penny. I got the job because of the quick and accurate event contract. Even when they had additions/deletions I was able to make those changes and have the new updated into their email box in minutes. THIS HAS SAVED ME SO MUCH TIME AND AGGRAVATION. Because I knew all the components necessary, I was able to shop them and get the best possible wholesale prices and we really made some money on this. It was really good. The second major reason was yet ANOTHER corporate event, with ever changing items. I could keep up with it and the fact they received almost immediate updates really helped make them look good to their client. Weddings. I used to really, and I mean really hate them when it came down to all the moving parts. I could not live without this program. I get it right every time. And you know what? Because I can actually watch my COG's as I work on each aspect of the wedding, and can accurately include the proper labor costs, I have gone from getting every wedding I bid on (meaning I was not pricing myself high enough) to not getting every wedding I bid on, mostly because their vision exceeds their budget. Of course, they go another direction. And I bet it is with another florist who guesstimates on a John Henry form, rather than using RisoEvent program, and CALCULATING the true costs off doing business. I say to myself often, I only wish I had this program 25 years ago. I really do. Dave

It allows me to confidently bid on projects and when I send them out, I know if I get them I am going to make the proper amount I should. I am bad with numbers, and when I used an excel sheet, I always incorrectly formatted, often to my detriment. I like the speed and accuracy. The best? It saves me so much time. I wish I could get back all the time I spend doing proposals my old way. :(

It takes a learning curve to use this program. There is a lot of meat in it. It can do many many things, even food. So you will have to start to really analyze the art of your business for this program to make sense and help you make money.

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Althea wiles

I don't hate writing proposals now!

Reviewed 2016-10-04
Review Source: Capterra

Prior to using RisoEvent, writing proposals took several hours. They were one of my most hated tasks. Now I'm able to send a proposal within just a few hours of meeting with a client. My overall booking rate is up & I don't hate the process any more. RisoEvents made the process almost painless. I find myself using it daily now. RisoEvent is also great for streamlining changes to the order as well as ordering my materials for your events. It's easy to update or change anything from material prices to specific items ordered by the client. Once the order is confirmed by the client, a report can be run for ordering materials, making shopping easy as well. There is a TON of info in RisoEvents. For someone who loves data and efficiency, this is the perfect product. I rated the 'ease of use' a 4-star only because there is so much info available, it can take a while to learn to use everything. But once you do, RisoEvent makes everything better. I can't say enough good things about RisoEvent!

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RisoEvent pricing

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RisoEvent is $60/month for a company profile and 1 administrative ID and 1 non-administrative ID.

Each additional ID is $20/month.

RisoEvent features

Customer Database
Discount Management
Employee Management
Order Management
Third Party Integration

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Key features of RisoEvent

  • Stem counting
  • Activity logging
  • Sign-in/sign-out sheets
  • Load-out lists
  • Shopping lists
  • Future pricing
  • Auto-processing
  • Activity management
  • Activity tracking
  • Application integration
  • Reminders
  • Calendar sync with Google
  • Custom forms
  • Client database
  • Employee management
  • Financial management
  • Images
  • Order management
  • Product catalog
  • Public/private notes
  • Quote management
  • Search functionality
  • Secure data storage
  • Event summaries
  • Third party integration
  • Workroom order management
  • Discount management
  • Cost tracking
  • Online catalog
  • Production tracking
  • Product catalog integration
  • Contract drafting
  • Cataloging/categorization
  • Contract management
  • Timeline management
  • Event management
  • Client management
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RisoEvent employs vendor catalogs, granting users quick and central access to major supplier details.

RisoEvent can generate contracts, work orders and load lists, providing users with the technology to organize events efficiently.

With RisoEvent’s interview feature, users can input client details and generate a basic event plan quickly.

RisoEvent supports dynamic cost-of-goods calculations, enabling users to control event costs and pricing simply and accurately.

RisoEvent includes staff rosters, allowing users to manage employee schedules effectively.