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Vagaro use case: Tynne Hall

Tynne Hall

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31st of August, 2016
Customer Service Knows Me Well!

We've been using Vagaro since opening in Feb 2015 and we've seen many changes and updates and 99% of them have been fabulous. The development team is pretty receptive to new ideas and I see requests that we've made become a "new feature" many times so I know they are listening to the needs of their customer. Customer Service Chat knows me well... even though I wonder if they do a quick game of "Rock...Paper....Scissors" when they see me pop up on chat they're always happy to answer a question and walk us through something. :) The software itself is very user friendly and most of our clients say that the online booking features are fast and easy! I have no doubt that Vagaro will get better as they grow more customers. I'm sure for the independent service provider the core needs are 100% met. As larger salons join Vagaro the features that bigger salon/spas need and want will be added. Thanks Team Vagaro for a great booking/business software! ~Tyne & Team Zoi'A Spa & Salon

What do you like best?

Easy to use for both Staff and Online Booking for Clients. Staff loves the App to keep an eye on booking. Marketing tools are a good business driver. Business reports are getting better with every update. Online tutorials are great for new staff learning system. Online chat option is AWESOME! Customer Service is A+

What do you dislike?

-Cancelation/ Waiting List needs to be better- it's currently not useable for the large number of requests we have for a cancelation list. -We've had some retail snafu's but those are getting better as well. -Marketing promos could use a "retail" option. -Checkout could have some updated options like a "hold in cart" so if you have to interrupt a sale you don't lose everything you put in checkout screen.

Why did you end up selecting Vagaro over other applications?

Cost per service provider as we grow. Features Easy to use. Online booking.

What is your main use case with Vagaro?

I've been asking for a date for ChipCard Reader since Jan 1st and I was told Aug 2016... Asked Aug 1st, still not date for this. I was burned by 2 transactions after Jan 1, 2016. Please HURRY on this.

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Smaller salons will love this. Larger salons will have to be patient. We have 16 Service Providers and it works well for us.

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1-2 years

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