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Performance. Monitoring. Error. Logs. One platform. Monitoring. Errors. Logs. One Tool The only developers-friendly solution that fully integrates error and log management with application performance monitoring. Easily isolate issues, identify what needs to be fixed quicker – Support less, Code more. Start your FREE trial now! Stackify is the only integrated platform that will let you monitor application, server and DB , monitor their performance, manage logs and errors to quickly detect and resolve application problems. No need for costly point products. Stackify combines monitoring, errors, metrics, logs and secure access with the relevant context and the customer satisfaction impact providing actionable information for shorter time to resolution.

Latest reviews for Stackify

“The best .NET APM tool”

1 June 2015

“When problems arrive Stackify has us on top”

4 May 2015

“Easy to set up, a hit with the whole team”

23 March 2015

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New Relic 

Performance testing and monitoring. New Relic is the all-in-one web and mobile application performance management provider for the cloud and the datacenter. More than 70,000 organizations use them to optimize over 100 billion metrics in production each day. They provide 24x7 real user monitoring and code-level diagnostics for production apps deployed on dedicated infrastructures, the cloud, or hybrid environments and real time end-to-end monitoring for your iOS and Android apps. New Relic provides support for applications written in Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, .NET and Node.js and related frameworks. New Relic also partners with leading cloud management, platform, and hosting vendors to provide their customers with instant visibility into the performance of deployed applications. New Relic also has an open SaaS platform that enables its community of developers, partners and customers to build plugins using open API’s to monitor any technology of their choice, from databases, networks, caching layers and more.

Latest reviews for New Relic

“Amazing service”

4 May 2014

“a must have tool”

29 April 2013

“a huge productivity booster”

29 January 2013

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Freshservice ServiceDesk 

IT Helpdesk + Asset Management software from Freshdesk®. Freshservice is an online ITIL service desk with a fresh twist. It puts a refreshing user experience on top of powerful ticketing and asset management capabilities, and is the most user-friendly app in the space. In addition to core functionalities like Incident, Problem, Change, Release and Asset Management, Freshservice also lets you put your knowledge base on the cloud. Freshservice offers a plug and play ITIL solution for organizations looking to align themselves to best practices without getting any expert implementation help. It has been developed by the team of experts behind Freshdesk, the leading customer support software that is currently being used to support over 5 million customers across the world.

Latest reviews for Freshservice ServiceDesk

“CMDB with a Modern UI”

20 August 2014

“Immediately Boost Customer Service”

20 August 2014

“Sign up feature is not working”

14 August 2014

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“Love it! save me the need of using 5 other tools”

(8 July 2014)
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(14 September 2014)
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“Easy password management ”

(4 December 2014)
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Brian Clark (18 February 2013)
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“reduced our monitoring costs”

Mike (21 February 2014)
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L.C.D. (30 July 2013)
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“Wow! Finally...someone got it right!”

Tanner (13 February 2014)
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“Complete application”

Katharina Walter (22 November 2011)
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“License Management in the cloud”

Alice Akins (17 September 2012)
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“Powerful Alerts & Great Customer Service”

Steve Anderson (11 January 2013)
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“BlazeMeter is a no brainer for JMeter users”

James Bennet (28 January 2013)
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“very flexible and powerfull”

Mike (6 February 2013)
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“Do not trust with your data”

(24 October 2014)
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“Great app for convenience and productivity.”

(23 December 2014)
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“Remote Support Software”

Afonso Melo (12 August 2013)
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“Great Service, Excellent Support”

Howard Ross, Lead Developer, Janny Montgomery Scott LLC (13 July 2010)
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“Powerful and easy to use tool for infrastructure monitoring.”

(21 November 2014)
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“An excellent and free website security tool”

Jan Husdal (2 July 2011)
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“Syncs all my company's documents in seconds to 250 iPad users”

Bill Whitehurst Jr. (6 March 2012)
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“A New way to Measure Cloud Metrics”

Rakesh Sharma (27 January 2012)
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“Save More Money On Your Cloud Computing Operations — Review Of Cloudyn”

Stephanie Watson (24 August 2012)
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“Free Lite Version covers many tasks”

Sophie B. (14 August 2012)
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“Very easy to deploy and very powerful”

Dmitry, IT professional (3 October 2013)
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“Zabbix Monitoring”

(26 August 2014)
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“Stress-free production deploys, detailed crash reports delivered straight to your Inbox”

Viktors (11 March 2014)
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