Cloud based time clock management

  • Buddy Punch    2

    Online Time Clock Software | Web Based Time Management
    Buddy Punch is an online time card replacement with features like approvals, automatic OT calculations and payroll exports. Your employees will love to record their hours with the easy to use
  • When I Work  

    Time Clock & Attendance Software
    When I Work Time Clock is a time clock app that can be easily accessed online via desktop, iPad and Android devices. The employee timeclock software caters to small businesses and offers a range
  • Replicon CloudClock  

    Transform a tablet into a powerful cloud-based time clock
    Make time collection easy and deter time theft with Replicon CloudClock - an intelligent, cloud-connected time clock solution.
  • ClockIn Portal    2

    Cloud Based Time and Attendance
    • Online time management system for small and medium businesses • Easy clockin/out • Users management • Shift approval • Shift reporting • Mileage reporting • Payroll reports • Add bonus
  • TrackingTime  

    Task-Based Time Tracking
    TrackingTime is an online time tracking software that focuses on collaboration and helps companies manage their projects, track working times and measure productivity.
  • Logikcull  

    Discovery Automation | Cloud-based, Powerful and Affordable.
    Logikcull makes eDiscovery simple and less expensive. Logikcull is web-based and very easy to use. Litigation is much easier and affordable with Logikcull
  • TeamTime  

    Time & attendance with clock-in verfication
    TeamTime by TEAM Software is a time & attendance suite that includes a timekeeping and communication portal with biometric authentication capabilities.
  • Visitor Management    11

    Web based visitor management software
    Proxyclick visitor management is a web application and kiosk application for managing the welcoming of visitors to your office.
  • The iPad Receptionist    5

    Cloud and iPad based Visitor Management System
    Track your office's visitor traffic. Fully customizable, SMS and email based, 2-way communication system with badge printing. For 1 to 3000+ employee offices!
  • CosmoLex  

    Web Based Legal Practice Management & Accounting Software
    CosmoLex combines practice management, billing AND accounting, all in one login -- making it the total solution that solo & small law firms can rely on to run their entire practice.
  • Autodesk PLM 360  

    Cloud based Product Lifecycle Management
    Autodesk PLM 360 makes the management of processes, projects, and people easy and effective by automating key tasks and delivering the right information to the right people at the right time. Because
  • IdeaScale    6

    Crowd-based innovation management
    IdeaScale is the largest cloud-based innovation software platform in the world with more than 25,000 customers and 4 million users. The software allows organizations to involve the opinions of public
  • ManagePro    3

    80-20 based Portfolio & Priority Management
    ManagePro - Improved priority setting and focus for your staff, easier delegation tracking and clearer visibility & ownership of projects based on 80/20 rule.
  • MySchool  

    Web Based School Management System
    MySchool is a full-featured, web-based administration platform. An intuitive and powerful interface that requires little training and ensures that work gets done quickly. With one common database
  • Scrumy  

    Project management tool loosely based off of Scrum.
    Scrumy is a simple and intuitive virtual task board based on some concepts of Scrum that helps organize and manage your projects. The mission of Scrumy is to create a simple, intuitive, non-intrusive
  • Workado  

    Month-based task management software for marketing campaigns
    Workado enables digital marketing agencies to centralize campaign and team management using monthly timelines, campaign alerts and client reporting features.
  • globaledit  

    Hosted, web-based, photo collaboration and image management system
    globaledit is a hosted, web-based, photo collaboration and image management system that connects creative production groups for a more efficient worfklow.
  • Dovico  

    Timesheet, project time management & time tracking software
    Dovico is a timesheet, employee time tracking and project time management solution suitable for medium-sized businesses and large enterprises.
  • Chronotek    2

    Time Clock & Attendance
    Chronotek is a telephone timekeeping system designed to help manage, track, and report on remote employees. Users clock in by using our 1-800 number, and this data is immediately available via
  • WorkTrail  

    Real time work tracking made easy.
    WorkTrail makes time tracking easy and fun. Optimised for users and teams who work on multiple tasks throughout the day and have to keep track of which projects have taken up their time. Once time
  • Calamari Clockin  

    Online attendance management with QR codes and iBeacons
    Online tool for attendance management and time clocking with employee timesheets and mobile applications. Great tool to manage employee work time online.
  • VeriClock    11

    Employee time and location tracking.
    VeriClock is designed for companies with employees that still use handwritten, manual time sheets or otherwise record key employee data after the fact. Our workforce management tool helps companies
  •    1

    Mobile time management and productivity
    Clock.In is a powerful time management and productivity application that is so intuitive, it can be used by everyone in your company and so agile, it can be customized to the way you work in the real
  • Tenrox PWM    1

    Cloud-based Project Workforce Management Software: online resource management, project planning, time and expense tracking, project billing, reporting
    Tenrox Project Workforce Management is the only true workflow-driven project and service delivery solution for today’s globally dispersed project workforce. Tenrox Cloud Professional Services
  • actiTIME    8

    Time Tracking Software
    Time tracking software for companies of any size and any business type. Register worked time and times off, analyze reports, assign tasks and track deadlines, set billing rates and issue invoices

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