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  • JumpBox for the StatusNet Microblogging System  

    StatusNet is an Open Source microblogging system that gives you Twitter-like functionality with the ability to run it behind a firewall on your network.
  • StatusNet  

    Hosted by appcenter123
    StatusNet is a microblogging service, created to be a open source alternative to Twitter, and easy to use, and modify.
  • ClubExpress    2 reviews

    Where the Best Run Clubs Run the Best
    , committees, documents, photos, videos, interests and other modules based on what clubs and associations do. The platform includes a full suite of administration tools to run the organization
  • Fujitsu RunMyProcess    7 reviews

    100% cloud based, workflow app. development platform
    The Fujitsu RunMyProcess platform makes use of business process management (BPM) concepts to provide a unique mix of structured workflows, integration and agility helping customers from all around the world meet their evolving business needs. By leveraging an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop design and more than 2,400 available connectors for SaaS and other applications, as well as full integration with Google Apps, Fujitsu RunMyProcess customers can rapidly build and deploy highly customized business applications. Accessible on the Web through a browser and based on a pay-per-use model ($40 per user), the Fujitsu RunMyProcess platform is less expensive and more flexible than on-premise solutions, ensuring a quicker return on investment. On April 2013, Fujitsu announced that it has finalized a contract with RunMyProcess to acquire all shares of the company.
  • WinWeb Online Office    1 review

    All you need to run your business
    WinWeb Online Office is a CloudApp Solution Bundle for small and medium sized companies that want to run their IT services in the cloud. From managing your contacts to uploading your data files
  • RUN Powered by ADP  

    Run your business better.
    RUN Powered by ADP (RUN) is a proven small business payroll solution developed as a result of ADP’s experience and knowledge gained from working with nearly 400,000 small businesses just like yours
  • Avaza  

    Run your client-focused business on Avaza
    Avaza is a beautiful software suite for small business, with modules for Project Management, Collaboration, Time Tracking, Expense Management & Invoicing. Each of these modules can be used together or independently to suit your business. In short, Avaza helps you get work done, and get paid.
  • Team on the Run    9 reviews

    Team mobile messaging
    Secure private mobile messenger for teams to communicate and share information including images, video and audio.
  • Presently  

    Presently is a free multi-enterprise microblogging platform for businesses to send text updates, photos, videos or audio and publish them to their internal network. We also offer a premium Behind
  • Zyncro    9 reviews

    that enables employees to share information as microblogging messages or uploaded documents, and access a well-structured professional directory of contacts for the whole organization. What’s more, it can
  • Codenvy    58 reviews

    The Developer Workspace Cloud
    Codenvy offers developer workspaces to modify, run and debug code in the cloud or on-premises.
  • Fleetmatics  

    Fleet tracking intelligence
    Power a smarter fleet and run a stronger business with our vehicle tracking solutions.
  • Chatty Solutions  

    Enable your SaaS app to run like a native app in smartphones and smart mobile devices
  • MangoSpring Collaboration Suite    1 review

    All-in-One Collaboration Suite
    MangoSpring collaboration suite meets all your company's workflow and collaboration needs by integrating enterprise social networking, project collaboration, task management, document management, idea management and event management. The goal of this application to enable your employees to stay on top of what matters most and therefore make smarter decisions
  • Precurio  

    Precuro is an easy to use, visually attractive, enterprise 2.0 intranet portal software with workflow automation and robust reporting. Precurio gives your organization a one point access to information and also helps you streamline your business processes/workflow, while improving communication and collaboration amongst employees.
  • SAP Jam  

    Enterprise social networking tool
    SAP Jam is a cloud-based enterprise social networking suite and collaboration tool to connect customers, partners and employees. SAP Jam can be used to protect corporate data by collaborating over a secure network. The solution enables employees to find experts and colleagues to collaborate with, as well as providing a place to organize and manage projects. SAP Jam provides vertical industry solutions for HR teams, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Information Technology. SAP Jam can be used to reduce training costs by sharing company documentation and knowledge. SAP Jam also provides a place for client facing teams to communicate with clients and partners, discussing issues in online groups and speeding up issue resolution time.
  • Cloudbees  

    Java Platform as a Service
    Cloudbees allows you to build, run and manage Java Applications in the Cloud. The Java Platform as a Service (PaaS) is focused on simplifying and accelerating the entire application lifecycle, making
  • HouseCall Pro  

    Mobilize Your Business
    HouseCall Pro is a full-suite tool that enables service professionals to run their entire business from their smartphone and complimentary web portal.
  • Bizantra  

    Complete startup and small business management system
    Bizantra is all-in-one startup & small business management software. It delivers all the essential management systems to run your business.
  • Apps on Cloud (Company no Longer Exists)  

    Company no Longer Exists
    Manage people, projects, customers and documents with ease. Apps on Cloud provides businesses with necessary tools needed to run a business and/or teams efficiently and effectively.
  • Small Improvements  

    Performance Appraisal Reviews
    Performance appraisal reviews made easy! An intuitive solution for your performance appraisals, 360 degree feedback, and to track your team's goals and objectives. Loved by innovators such as Quiksilver and Atlassian, and optimised for usability. Check out the competitive pricing, or get cranking with the ENTIRELY FREE FOR 10 USERS plan right today.
  • Survicate    4 reviews

    Targeted Insights Surveys for Conversion Optimization
    Survicate allows you to run short surveys on your website and collect customer feedback. Find ideas for improvements and increase conversion rates.
  • Windward Arrow  

    Microsoft SharePoint portal interface for the Windward Reports reporting software and engines. Allow anyone in your company to view, edit, run, and share reports on their schedule.
  • NCR Counterpoint  

    Complete retail management solution
    NCR Counterpoint is a point of sale & inventory management system that allows you to run your business via a touchscreen interface & many other features.
  • Wintac    119 reviews

    The All-In-One Software for Service Contractors
    Wintac is the best-selling all-in-one business management software from Intac International Inc. Over 8,000 companies and 60,000 end users automate their field service businesses with Wintac. Wintac combines all of the following capabilities into one software program: scheduling and dispatching, customer relationship management, work history tracking, equipment installation and service tracking, inventory management, estimating and proposal writing, job costing, task building and flat rate pricing, purchasing, bill paying, and accounts payable, financial reporting and graphing, employee and payroll management, vehicle service and maintenance, marketing and lead management.

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