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Datahug is a Predictive sales acceleration tool which consolidates several capabilities, such as automatic data capture, predictive sales analysis and machine-learning sales guidance. The software helps in automatically filling the deal activity into the company’s CRM and removes the dependency of manual data entry. The data is then analyzed with machine learning algorithms which generates valuable insights for each individual in sales team.

Datahug provides the predictive steps to sales representatives to close their deals based on the pattern of successful deals in the past. Sales supervisors get real-time updates on the state of deals in their pipeline. Datahug is compatible with both Salesforce CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


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Datahug eliminates the need of manual entries of data by automatically updating the CRM database by connecting it with the user’s email, calendar, and phone.
It allows users to forecast sales through its analytics tool with complete details for the funnel view.
Sales team gets the perspective suggestions for each deal using patterns from their deal history.
It provides Datahug Deal Score which measures the strength of engagement with user’s customer for an opportunity.
Datahug provides a communication overview for the past twelve months.