FinancialForce CPQ Advanced Quoting Features

FinancialForce CPQ Advanced Quoting

CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Advanced Quoting

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FinancialForce CPQ Advanced Quoting Feature Summary

  • Supports CPQ for tangible and intangible goods
  • Quote recurring or nonrecurring charges
  • Quote from supplier catalogue
  • One-click sales and PO conversion
  • Views of available inventory
  • Visibility into upsell opportunities
  • Native to the Salesforce Platform
  • Flexible price-lists with multiple variables
  • Create business rules, workflows and approval processes
  • Create categories and group quote lines
  • Quotes with 1000s of lines
  • Manage RFQs, EDI orders, backorders and more
  • See actual margins at various levels
  • Graphs and reporting tools
  • Mobile app for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Tablet
  • Salesforce Chatter integration
  • FinancialForce ERP products integration
  • Authorization workflow tools
  • FinancialForce ClickLink™ for 3rd party integration
  • Customization and integration tools

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