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GridBuddy aims to increase productivity and improve the usability of Salesforce for sales reps, customer service agents and project managers. The sales enablemet solution adds increased functionality to Salesforce features, allowing for mass actions across multiple records. The app lets you edit related objects within the same page view. It also provides spread-sheet like views of your data, that include the ability to edit inline, mass update, create records inline, and mass delete.

GridBuddy lets you edit data on multiple records at once by embedding a grid of related records on record detail pages. From here, GridBuddy editable lists views allow you to edit, create, delete, sort, update and more. You can also edit 3-level object hierarchy on a single record detail page, such as editing Opportunities and related Opportunity Products on an on an Account record detail page. GridBuddy by AppBuddy is fully integrated into Salesforce, meaning you can execute familiar and custom Salesforce actions, such as converting leads, closing cases and sending emails. GridBuddy also supports all the features and processes that you have already defined in Salesforce, such as look-up filters, security and sharing rules. You can also customize the app to to match the look and feel of Salesforce.

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GridBuddy screenshot: GridBuddy can be used with popular Salesforce apps like Milestones PMGridBuddy screenshot: Create editable list views in Salesforce using GridBuddyGridBuddy screenshot: Use GridBuddy to mass update multiple fields on one objectGridBuddy screenshot: Use GridBuddy to create grid views in Salesforce using standard and custom fieldsGridBuddy screenshot: Export parent object rows to a CSV file directly from GridbuddyGridBuddy screenshot: Gridbuddy supports Salesforce-defined lookup filters on gridsGridBuddy screenshot: Create filters for objects on grids using GridbuddyGridBuddy screenshot: You can integrate GridBuddy into Salesforce record detail pagesGridBuddy screenshot: Use Gridbuddy to mass update records across multiple objectsGridBuddy screenshot: Use GridBuddy to edit multiple objects on one pageGridBuddy screenshot: Use Gridbuddy to edit a 3-level object hierarchy on the same pageGridBuddy screenshot: Use GridBuddy to embed a grid of related records into any Salesforce record detail page.


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Pricing model: Subscription
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Pricing model: Subscription

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Key Features of GridBuddy

  • Mass edit for single or multiple objects
  • Excel-like interface
  • Edit existing records directly inline
  • Create new records inline
  • Delete multiple records at a time
  • Mass update values across related records
  • Editable related lists
  • Report-like hierarchical view of records
  • Edit fields that you can't in Salesforce
  • Multi-object, cross-object filters
  • Export data within Salesforce
  • Multi-select picklists and lookup fields
  • Grid setup and configuration
  • Launch common Salesforce actions
  • Configure custom action
  • Filter list views, quick filters and user-defined filters
  • Usable with all Salesforce business processes
  • Custom buttons
  • Solutions for sales, project management and service
  • GridBuddy Add-Ons


Mass Edit Objects: Edit up to 5 related objects in the same view, without having to click around to other pages.

Spread-sheet Views: Manage rows of records in a spread-sheet like interface. Features include inline editing, inline record creation, mass updating, inline creating, and mass deleting.

Support for Salesforce Features; All data types, validations and workflows defined in Salesforce work in GridBuddy also, including lookup filters, field level security, object level security, sharing rules. and picklists.

List View Editing: You can edit multiple record types within a single list view. Edit fields that you can't edit in Salesforce list views like Opportunity Stage and Close Date.

Filter Salesforce Data Across Multiple Objects: Apply multiple filters to multiple objects, filter by ownership conditions, field conditions, field formulas for date, datetime and user data types, boolean filter conditions, multi-column sorting and more.

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