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IndirectSales provides a lead and deal management solution for tracking and recording deals and coordinating processes involved in channel sales activities. By using the software, you and your partners can remain updated on all existing and new deal activities that come into the pipeline. The app combines all of your channel asset information, lead and deal data and displays it in graphical and tabular form in the dashboard, making it accessible to partners, sales teams and managers. Q&A forms are used to track the progress of each deal as it moves through the sales cycle.

IndirectSales provides a range of features to manage and track deals coming through partner channels. The solution provides lead qualification, based on the SCOTSMAN model, but is also configurable for other models. The qualification score is automatically updated as the deal moves through the sales cycle, and all changes are communicated to all stakeholders. Through the lead qualification process, IndirectSales ensures you choose the right partner for each deal. Deal progress metrics allow you to compare multiple deals, irrespective of the channel partner or deal size, as well as giving you a post sale win / loss analysis on historical deals. IndirectSales also allows you to implement commission structure to suit your channel models.


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Business:Less complex channel sales requirements: $200 Per Month
Enterprise: Maximum flexibility and coverage: $500 Per Month features

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  • Indirect Sales Tracking
  • Channel Data Integration
  • Deal Registration & sync
  • Quote/Order Processing
  • Commission Management
  • Performance Management
  • Contact Management
  • Notification Driven
  • Charts/Reports
  • Collaboration tools
  • Lead scoring and qualification
  • Lead tracking/ Management
  • Post sale win / loss analysis
  • Dashboard for full sales activity view
  • Trend and comparative data
  • Reports and detailed analysis
  • Deal progress metrics
  • Deal data sharing with partners
  • Channel API for 3rd party integrations
  • Mobile app
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Integration: IndirectSales uses the Channel API to integrate with most of your everyday systems, including Direct Sales systems, Marketing Automation tools, Project Management, Help Desk and more. As standard, the app ntegrates with Salesforce, Paypal, Freshbooks and Chargify

Training: IndirectSales provides personal training sessions for you, your team and your Partners. They also provide trained consultants to further help you optimize your use of the software.

Lead qualification: IndirectSales uses the SCOTSMAN sales qualifications model natively. However, other models can also accommodated including BANT and TAS.

Track Leads & Deals: You can use IndirectSales to track the status of your leads by using the customizable Q&A system. The system uses industry standards to ensure deal data is consistent across all partner channels.

Reporting and Dashboard: IndirectSales provides reports on important KPI metrics, campaign performance and compares historical deal metrics. The dashboard displays notifications, messages, deals, leads, targets, commissions and actions.