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KiteDesk Feature Summary

  • Massive leads database (millions)
  • Prospecting tasks automated to speed sales process
  • Social Media Toolbar and Web
  • Advanced Connection Scoring = Warm Leads
  • Bi-Directional Sync w/Google Apps
  • Office Productivity and CRM Integration
  • Chrome Extension, Toolbar, Web App
  • Ability to do Account-based Prospecting
  • Action Lists and Automated Settings
  • Prospect Lists Exportable, Sync to CRM
  • Sales Dialer includes Call Recording, Bridging, Logging
  • Salesforce Bi-Directional Sync
  • Prospecting Dashboard
  • Premium Search for Prospects (Email, Phone)
  • Part of Sales Dialer
  • Email Flow
  • Mapping to Custom Objects
  • Part of Lead Prioritization
  • Assignment, Routing, Rules, Triggers
  • Auto-Adjusting ToDo Queue
  • Rich Metrics Dashboard
  • Automatic tracking + metrics
  • Dashboards, Analytics
  • All Activity Tracking
  • Automatic logging of activities
  • Complete Prospect DB
  • De-duplicate checking, Import/Export
  • Read receipts, click-tracking
  • Threaded, complete history
  • Record up to 10 Voicemail Drops
  • Ability to schedule sends
  • Unlimited template creation
  • Easy email creator
  • Softphone with many features
  • 1-Click Dialer
  • CRM
  • Lead Status

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KiteDesk Screenshots (12)

KiteDesk screenshot: KiteDesk Chrome Extension - Harvest Leads Off the Web!KiteDesk screenshot: KiteDesk FLOW - Softphone DialerKiteDesk screenshot: KiteDesk FIND - Upload & Enrich (Account-Based Prospecting)KiteDesk screenshot: KiteDesk Prospects Screen - Lead List SegmentationKiteDesk screenshot: KiteDesk FLOW - Local Presence Dialing and Voicemail DropKiteDesk screenshot: KiteDesk FIND - Pinpoint Targeting of LeadsKiteDesk screenshot: KiteDesk FLOW - Activities and ToDo Queue - Automatic PrioritizationKiteDesk screenshot: KiteDesk FLOW - Voicemail PlaybackKiteDesk screenshot: KiteDesk FIND - Flag Inaccurate Data--Get Credit Back!KiteDesk screenshot: KiteDesk FIND - Available Data, Easy Sort and SearchKiteDesk screenshot: KiteDesk Contact Record - Complete Interaction HistoryKiteDesk screenshot: Connected Calendar - Sync Sales Meetings from SDR to AE

KiteDesk Features In Depth

Tailored Searches

With KiteDesk, salespeople can tailor their searches to pinpoint leads at a granular level. Top hits from those tailored searches can quickly be added to a Prospect List, and all information is synced with the connected CRM in real time.

As a salesperson, you can use KiteDesk to quickly access millions of qualified prospects, as it sources from the best online databases. You always have the option to pull up only those leads with accurate email addresses and phone numbers, which is an impressive time-saver, as well.

Tracking Leads

KiteDesk fills the void between most marketing automation platforms and CRM systems. The solution allows sales teams to find leads and then take action on the most qualified prospects. It does this without polluting its users’ connected CRMs with unnecessary data.

When you start using KiteDesk, you can stop trying to prospect in your CRM, as it has been designed in a way that makes lead tracking seamless. All vital information is accessible on one screen. On each prospect’s contact card, you’ll see all lead activity, find familiar connections, and see the lead’s activity on social networks. You can even email your leads, and these messages will be auto-archived to your CRM.

Social Selling

Social networking has changed the way top salespeople do business. KiteDesk is leading the way in social selling by enabling its users to tap into their social connections as a way to drive prospecting and lead generation.

Using Advanced Connection Scoring, KiteDesk provides a way for you to choose from among the ranked scores on each of your Contact or Lead cards. KiteDesk looks at the data available from contacts throughout your organization and your own social networks to determine the strongest connections to any given prospect. Click the “Request Introduction” button to quickly leverage your own social connections, as well as the connections of your professional network and your entire company.

Logging Calls

Manually placing phone calls, recording calls, logging calls, creating follow-ups, and syncing all this information to a CRM is a waste of time. KiteDesk streamlines the process with the KiteDesk Dialer. This includes a click-to-call button that enables salespeople to quickly execute top leads at the start of each day.

Begin each morning with taking a look at your Prospect List, then use the KiteDesk Dialer to make your calls hands-free. The app will automatically note each interaction and log all of your calls to your CRM. The calls you make are automatically recorded, and you have the option to review calls or archive them with a few simple clicks. You can also add your own notes next to the prospect’s profile data based on what was discussed during your conversation.

KiteDesk Feature Reviews

2 reviewers had the following to say about KiteDesk's features:

Michael Orefice

Verified Reviewer

Get your outbound business moving fast!


If fast, easy and effective is your goal - KiteDesk can help you get there...FAST.


Easy to use interface that allows you to quickly and easily identify roles, companies and industries that fit your marketing strategy.


These aren't cons so much as small opportunities. Tell me what source my prospects are coming from and also let me automatically return bad leads in bulk. That's all folks - everything else is great.

Rating breakdown

Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Time used: Less than 6 months

Frequency of use: Daily

Recommendations to others considering KiteDesk

Do not hesitate to get KiteDesk. We considered Oracle and SalesForce products before looking at KiteDesk and I can tell you without hesitation that bang for the buck with KiteDesk is way more than anything we could possibly have gotten with the others.

Source: GetApp
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Tim Dunphy

Verified Reviewer

Smart Prospecting


It pulls all your information from Salesforce for a great fast user interface. I was the first at my organization to use the tool and now the rest of my team use KiteDesk.


Great Value and accurate information.

Rating breakdown

Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Time used: 1-2 years

Source: GetApp
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