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What is KiteDesk?

KiteDesk is a cloud-based platform that salespeople can use to quickly fill their pipelines with qualified leads. With tools for improving lead generation for outbound sales teams, the software has been designed around the concept of the Ideal Customer Profile. Its premium search has built-in demographics that provides users with thousands of "best lead matches."

Salespeople who use the software are able to seamlessly manage the leads they’ve sourced through both KiteDesk and any existing CRMs. People and accounts can be dropped into a CRM and placed on an “Action List.” KiteDesk also comes with a pre-configured integration to enable leads, or activities with leads, to route directly into connected CRMs. A Chrome extension makes it possible for this entire process to happen on one screen, without clicking between multiple browser tabs.

Take a look at the sales funnel, and it’s clear that everything begins with the lead. KiteDesk is an automated tool that salespeople can use to efficiently find more qualified leads. The web-based solution targets its users’ ideal customer profiles, or ICPs, for highly-efficient prospect research. Using the Internet’s most accurate databases and researching technologies, KiteDesk is able to provide salespeople with detailed lead information, such as email addresses, phone numbers, and links to social profiles.

With premium data at their fingertips, salespeople are better positioned to close more sales and improve their own performance records. In addition to its sales leads, lead management, and lead generation tools, KiteDesk also offers advanced features such as lead tracking, a leads database, social selling, a sales dialer, and sales productivity tools.