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AI based sales guidance tool with predictive analytics

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NAVIK SalesAI overview

NAVIK SalesAI applies AI to provide predictive data on customers, identifying prospects and aligning purchaser needs with products and offers. This product makes every sales person a high performer, creates a custom weekly game plan of leads and actions, helps to predict buyer needs and directs each sales rep on what to sell and how to pitch so that they find the opportunity, own it and close it before anyone else hears about it.

NAVIK's predictive learning engine provides algorithms which identify, learn and replicate what is working for the business and sales approaches. The platform integrates with leading CRM systems, marketing automation platforms and internal business information from a wide variety of data sources. NAVIK scales to support a wide variety of data types and large datasets.


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NAVIK SalesAI features

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Additional information for NAVIK SalesAI

Key features of NAVIK SalesAI

  • Collaboration
  • Presentation management
  • Goals / quota management
  • Proposal management
  • Weekly game plan
  • NAVIK lead score
  • Next best action guidance
  • Purchase drivers
  • Conversation cheat sheet
  • New lead navigator
  • Customizable game plan
  • Dynamic dashboard
  • Third party integration
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Custom predictive lead scores: The product identifies patterns in the buying style to ensure each sales person connects with their most promising leads and prioritizes them.
Game plan: The product offers a custom weekly plan for each sales person. The weekly game plan provides guidance on the next best action for opportunities and specifies the next step to be taken for each sales person.
Recommendations: Intelligent predictions specify which products or services buyers are likely to buy next and lists the reasons behind their purchases.
Buyer engagement: The product creates appropriate trigger points to reach out to and suggests the best path for the reach out.
Integrations: The product integrates with leading CRM and marketing automation systems like Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot etc.