Creating a leaderboard in NewVoiceMedia to motivate your sales team


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Creating a leaderboard in NewVoiceMedia to motivate your sales team

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Richard (NewVoiceMedia)

Richard: Welcome to Demo on how to configure and inspire wall board. I'm looking at the channel launcher right now and to have a look at the wall board we're going to replicate. Let's pick what we created earlier. Now, this is a wall board showing the number of leads created this week using demo data of course. And we can see here Scott has created 943 leads and he is in the first position. Every a few seconds we see additional details on each of the players on this inspired wall board. So let's go and build one. I select administration under the motivate app. And I get a channel configuration. Click on leade. I'm going to give it a name of best tag. I can give it a description here. Choose a logo if I want. Choose a background. So, let's have this one and choose some colors. This one will do. I do one people to participate. I want to feed things into charter and I do want to make this active and I click next. And I need to add an action. And in fact, what I'm going to add is “leads created this week.” And to replicate inspired wall board we just saw – that was a series of grids. So I select grid cards and I check the tick. It comes in control I set this to one and I configure my wall board. So I need to pick the object first and the object is lead so let's select lead. It's already going to summarize the number of goals made. I'd like to see who is creating these leads. And I'll scroll down. And of course now if you can configure sales force reports and dashboards you'll be fine with this. Let's click the owner ID. Now, motivate is clear enough to figure out that by owner ID I would like people's names. But what I actually would like to do is to group by these fields so that one every single lead displayed. I want a lead count. So let's group by this field. I can see here that I can sort ascending or descending. I can also change the name. I don’t really like owner ID. So let's put staff in here and I'll check on. Now in addition to what's going to be in that grid, as the inspired wall board moves between each one of these people in turn, I can see some additional information about them. So, I'm going to pick the email address perhaps and maybe their title. That looks pretty good to me so far. So, let's go back because what I now have to do is to make this active. So I click on activate and they can see that's now done. And I can now save and exit. Let's go and take a look what it looks like. Go back to channel launcher. If I scroll right, I now see my Best Tag leaderboard. So let’s select it. And there we have all the players in the team. Scott and David has 943 leads. Stephanie with 375 and Harry with 35. And on the right every few seconds, we rotate the additional detail for each player.