How NewVoiceMedia uses your browser as your telephone


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How NewVoiceMedia uses your browser as your telephone

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Richard (NewVoiceMedia)

Richard: Welcome to a demonstration of NewVoiceMedia's contact world for service and support. I'm a support engineer of Best Tag, a supplier of amplifiers at your home and business audio and visual equipment. I've logged in to Salesfource and I'm also logged in to NewVoiceMedia's contact pad.

In a moment I'm going to receive a friend call which means my phone is going to ring. Let's look at how we set up those things. If I click settings, we have two fields and the field I'm interested in is the second one, the telephone number. So when one of our customers calls the contact center, the phone on my desk rings and this happens to be my DID or DDI at work. It's the phone right here on my desk. And that's all Voice Media needs is a phone number. It could be a phone on my desk or it could be my home phone number, it could be my cell phone or I could be equipped with a soft phone.

However in this demo, I actually don't want a phone at all. I want my browser to act as the phone. And that's a browser that's web RTC, real time communications, web RTC enabled. So that's just what I am. It's enabled for web RTC. Let's see what happens when one of our customers calls up.

"Thank you for calling Best Tag products support. We see that you recently opened the keys with the following number, 2926. If you are calling about your recent case, press 1. Otherwise press 2."

Well, I am. So we can see what happened there is my contact pad popped up to indicate a phone call is coming in. The browser played a phone sound so that I could actually hear that a phone call is coming in. It's my browser that has become the phone. So I'm now talking, the case is popped and I can look and I can say, “Hey Danny, this is Harry. How are you?” And I can hopefully solve the problem with this opened case. When I'm done, I simply release the phone call. Thanks a lot for watching.