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Recording sales calls and custom telephone numbers with NewVoiceMedia

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Richard (NewVoiceMedia)

Richard: Welcome to demonstration of NewVoiceMedia's contact world for sales and marketing. I'm a sales rep with Best Tag, a supplier of high tech equipment for the audio and visual industry. Right now I'm logged into the Salesforce service cloud and the contact pad for NewVoiceMedia.

I'm about to start work booking some meetings for our field sales team. But before I do, I want to show you something about the numbers that I use. This is the contact pad and it's here that I can change those numbers. So let's click settings. There are two numbers that I use. One is the telephone number and that's this number here at the button, the second field. And that's my number, it's my DDI or my DID at work and it's this phone right on the desk. This could be my home number though or it could be my mobile or cell phone number. It doesn't really matter. I'm not going to change it right now.

What happens when I click the dial is NewVoiceMedia first calls me on that number and I pick up and then, it calls the lead, the person I wish to talk to. That person sees a number on their phone when I call and that's the number that I can choose to present. Right now, I've got it set to my French PSTN number because I speak French and sometimes I call our customer old prospects in France. I can always set it to an Italian number, a Japanese number in fact, any number the Best Tag owns and has been set up in the system. So I'm calling people in the US right now, I'll put a US number in and let's click Save.

So, let's get started. I'd like to call Jane first. Jane is someone who works at Top Theaters, Inc. and she buys products such as audio and visual equipment that we make. I've already made a number of phone calls to her, initially leaving some messages if finally get in touch; she creates to take a further call and she sends some literature. I'm hoping now if I call her she will agree to a meeting. So, let's put a call through. My phone rings and I pick up and Jane’s phone is ringing right now. As soon as she picks up the recording button will come on, there you are. “Hi, Jane. It's Harry from Best Tag, how are you?” And of course, I'll go on to hopefully book that meeting up.

Now, notice that the call recording in progress button allows me to pause that recording if I need to. I'll explain more about that in a moment. But let's finish the call. “Thanks a lot, Jane. Bye.”

So, let's talk a little bit about the call recording itself. I love having call recordings because it means I don't need to take notes and I can give my full attention to the person I'm calling. We can’t always have call recording on. So, the system is pretty flexible. It allows us to have it on all the time, off or we can have the ability to turn it off temporarily during the call as you saw.

In addition to that, if we need one sided call recording we can do that too. But why do we need one sided call recording? Particularly in the US, there are States that have one party rules and there are states that have two party rules. That means either one side is going to agree upfront to the call recording or perhaps both sides. I guess a little complicated. So perhaps we'll just record the one side.

In addition to the call recording every call made whether we click the dial or whether we receive an inbound call is logged automatically in the system. So let's go take a look at what just happened. There’s the outbound call I just made. So, I've clicked on it to bring it up and it scroll down and see what we can see. Well, I can see the number that I dialled and the number I presented. I can see the start time of that call and the end time and the duration we’ll go in in a minute.

There's a call recording player too. And if I press play I can take some note. So let's just start that. Let me stop it now and I'll take some notes here. Let's save those and carry on playing and you can see my notes there. That's fabulous for me to come back later to figure out well, did we say that, did we agree that?

And also sometimes I know my quality manager, my bosses like to come back, listen to some of my calls and provide some coaching.

Now, what I'd like to do is to show you how instead of manually selecting the number I'm going to present the system can do it automatically. So, here's a list of leads that I now need to call. It's an amplifiers campaign set up as a view on my leads. There are five people in this campaign. They are all with appropriate job titles, they are all based in the US and we can see the State that I ring, Texas, New York and California.

It'll be just great if when I dial Charlie the system automatically presented a number from Texas and that would be a number that we had of course. And then, when I dial Cody it automatically presented a number in New York. They are far more likely to pick up when they see a local number rather than a toll free or a number that's perhaps a few thousand miles away.

So, to show you this I'm going to turn my web cam on, my dreaded web cam and click to dial one of these numbers. So, let's call Charlie in Texas. So my phone rings and I pick up. And now we're waiting for Charlie to pick up. And there we see Charlie's phone ringing with a Texas number. I'm sure he'll pick up. Let's call Cody in New York. So, again my phone rings and I pick up. And we're waiting for Cody's phone to ring. And there we go. We have a new number appearing. Cody's in New York, of course he's going to pick up.

So, just to summarize. We've seen how easy it is to click to call and to present a number that I would like to by manually picking it or by having a system automatically work off a any field in sales calls. In this case it was a state but it could be any field we like. It could be a marketing campaign field and we present, a particular marketing number for example. It could be a country and we pick the right country number. Or it could work out off the area code and again pick the right number.

Calls are recorded very flexibly. We can play those recordings right after the task in the Salesforce and the calls are load automatically. Thanks for watching.