Reporting options available in NewVoiceMedia


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Reporting options available in NewVoiceMedia

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Richard (NewVoiceMedia)

Richard: Welcome to demonstration of NewVoiceMedia's contact world for sales and marketing. I'm a sales manager with Best Tag a supplier of high tech equipment to the audio and visual industry. Now, we've got some big numbers to hit this quarter. And my team needs to up its game a bit. Because every call they make whether they click the dialler or whether they are using the dialler is logged as a task by using NewVoiceMedia. I get to see some dashboards and reports. And I'm hoping that's going to tell me what I need to know. Let's take a look at one of those dashboards.

This is my sales dashboards for my team and here I can see on the top left the average call duration this month. And I've got the sales reps what they're doing at qualifying leads and getting meetings for the field sales team and these calls on the average didn't take too long. And clearly one of the people on the team is taking a really long time over his calls. I need to figure out why he is doing that. I'm not sure if I'm going to go and pick a few of his leads to find some of the tasks to represent the calls he's made and take a listen. We can see the total calls this month, bottom left, and we've got targets to hit too. And there's a few people in the list who really aren’t cutting it on the volume side.

Let's look at the average number of calls before somebody no-ops a lead. Now, we've got some business rules here that say you need to be a little tenacious. When you got assigned a lead and people typically were B2B, they don't answer all the time. You need to have another call before you give up. And clearly some of our people are actually that corresponds to some of the people in the team who are getting some of the best results are pretty tenacious. On the other hand, we need to have some conversations with some of the folks at the bottom of the list.

The final dashboard component is average minutes to follow up. And we've got a lot of our leads from our website. When people come to the website and leave a phone number there are hot lead. We need to get on top of that straight away. The leads get assigned to our team and I need to follow up and place the call. And again, we've got some business rules that say you need to get right on that and many of the people are. Again, there are some of the people getting good results. But some are not doing it as quickly as they need to so, we'll have some discussions there.

Even without information sometimes I'm still unclear. I've got a great rep and he makes a number of calls a week and spends a certain amount of time on the phone. But I've got another rep really struggling. Yeah, that rep is making roughly the same number of calls and spending the same number of hours on the phone. What's going on? Well, let's take a look at a more detailed report.

And in this report, this is the rep that is not doing so well. And here's the list of all the phone calls over a week. What this graph is showing me is the duration rounded up in minutes of his calls that week and the number of instances for that duration. So for example, you have one call that rounded up lasted a minute or less. Two calls lasting two minutes and so on. That looks like a pretty much like a normal curve to me which seems a little odd. It means that he's making, I think he's making average calls. Some are long, some are short. It's not what I expect.

Let's look at my good rep. My good rep similar number of calls for the week but he has got a really different picture. So what shows me is that he is peaking at about three minutes for some of the calls. He's gone other peak at seven minutes. I guess, what's happening here that even though he's making the same number of calls and spending the same amount of time on the phone he's working a lot smarter. He's quickly qualifying out maybe some of those web leads such as students interested in our technology. When they don't have a budget, there’s no project. Once he's qualified out he then spends longer qualifying in determining whether he didn't get that meeting. This is the kind of behaviour I need to encourage. And that the sort of conversations I'll be having with the first rep.