Taking inbound calls through NewVoiceMedia


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Taking inbound calls through NewVoiceMedia

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Richard (NewVoiceMedia)

Richard: Welcome to demonstration of NewVoiceMedia's contact world for service and support. I'm a support engineer of Best Tag, a supplier of amplifiers and other home and business audio and visual equipment. I'm logged in to the Salesforce service cloud and I'm also logged in to NewVoiceMedia's contact pad.

I'll set myself ready to receive calls, emails and other interactions that occur in a moment. And this is on Omni channel space so everything happens right here on the screen. But before I go ready I just want to show you some details of one of our customers. And this customer is Danny Tanner. He has one of our older model amplifiers. It doesn't have an extended warranty package. He has raised a case as well.

And the case says the sound is very faint. And you know what, our customers do that sometimes. They go to our portal where they like to interact to begin with. Maybe they can have FAQs, they raise cases there or perhaps they email in. Anyway, Danny is about to call. Let's see what happens when he does that. So, I'm now calling as if I was Danny.

"Thank you for calling Best Tag products support. We see that you've recently opened the keys with the following number 2926. If you are calling about your recent case press one, otherwise press 2."

We’ll I am and so I'll press one.

"Please remain in the line for the next available customer specialist."

Now, you know what I forgot to do. I forgot to set myself ready. But, hey, on my mini wall board here, I can see there's a call appearing for me and since I'm the only agent here in the contact center today, I better go ready to take that call.

So, now my phone rings, I pick up the phone. I've got a screen pop there's a code already and I can see it's Danny who's calling.

“Hey, Danny. Here's Harry, how are you?” I can scroll down and I can say, “Yup we certainly have received a call about a case from you already. I'm not sure he's looking at the case right on the screen right now.” And so I will go on to deal with his problem and hopefully fix it.

Let's see what happens when I actually end the call as an agent now. So, “Thanks Danny, bye.”

"Thank you for taking part in a short customer satisfaction survey. The survey consists of two questions and the option to leave a voice message. Let's get started. Were you satisfied with your service today? For yes, press one. For no, press two."

Oh, I was.

"Would you recommend our company end product based on your service today? If yes, press one. If no, press two."

Sure would.

"Please provide any specific comments after the tone. Press the pound key when you were finished."

And you know what it was really great that the guy who answered the phone was already working on my case. So, that was very helpful. Thanks a lot.

"Thank you for taking time to complete this short survey. Your input is very much appreciated. Goodbye."

Well, back to me now as an agent. So, we provided fabulous service there because we actually read out automatically to the caller the case number that we already had from him and we routed to the call straight to the person who's working on the case.

Now, I actually didn't take any notes during that call but it doesn't matter. Just refresh the screen and if you notice now we've got two inbound calls. I didn't take notes to neither of them. The system automatically logs every call that takes place.

Let's take a look at one of those that happened earlier.

When I pull up this particular call we can see that in fact I took some notes there. I fixed it by getting in to turning it off and unplug it for over an hour. That call came in a little earlier at 12:02 lasted 86 seconds. We have a call recording too and it looks like the call recordings here in Salesforce, although I know it’s not. It's just the player. And I've played it myself just by hitting play button. I’ve taken some notes here whether they are notes to me or perhaps it was a boss or a quality manager taking some notes so they can provide some coaching for me.

I hope you enjoyed that short demo on handling inbound phone calls. Thanks very much for listening.