Using NewVoiceMedia and Salesforce to call your leads


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Using NewVoiceMedia and Salesforce to call your leads

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Richard (NewVoiceMedia)

Richard: Welcome to a short demonstration of how to use NewVoiceMedia and Saleforce to call your leads. I'm logged into Salesforce and the first thing I do to use NewVoiceMedia is to log in in the contact pad. So you will enter your account name, an agent ID and a pin which you would have been given by your systems administrator. Notice the state is ready and this means I can receive calls. I don't want to receive calls. Maybe I'm doing some paperwork. I can change my state appropriately.

The other thing I can do here is to change the number that will be presented when I make my call. And what you need to do is to change it to your own personal mobile phone number. Let's imagine it's one of these. So I've selected my own number and I hit save.

To call a lead, I select the leads tab in Salesforce. I could pull down a campaign view but maybe I know the name of the lead I need to call straight away. In this case, it's Francoise. So let's pull up his lead record. With Francoise's lead record on this way any phone field in Salesforce is now diallable. And you can see that because it has a phone symbol at the end. To call Francoise all I do is click the dial.

Once I've done that the contact pad, top left is busy outbound and my phone rings and I pick up. And I'm waiting for Francoise to pick up his phone and he's just done it so we can have a conversation. When we're finished all I do is hit the release button like this.

My state changes to wrap up and then will go back to ready again so I can make my next call. Thank you for watching.