Viewing the results of voice surveys created in NewVoiceMedia


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Viewing the results of voice surveys created in NewVoiceMedia

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Richard (NewVoiceMedia)

Richard: Welcome to a demonstration of NewVoiceMedia's contact world voice surveys integrated with Salesforce. I am a manager at Best Tag and we've been running for voice surveys for around the last three months. I'm very keen to understand the trend in those surveys. So let's take a look at the dashboard.

This dashboard showing us the results of two questions we ask at the end of each voice call. The questions are: Are you happy with the service you received today and would you recommend this service to a friend or a colleague?

We can see on this first dashboard, we've been receiving more surveys through the last three months, July, August and September. In July we had a fairly mix response to the question, “Are you happy with your overall service you received today?” In August and September the number of results increased and significantly. The percentage of people who said they were happy with the service also increased. I'm really pleased with that.

If we look at the second component the question was, “Would you recommend our company to a friend or a colleague?” It's showing a similar pattern. We're seeing more results through July, August and September with a similar proportion. In fact, the number of people recommending the service is slightly lagging. The people who are actually happy with the service we received today. Maybe that's not too surprising.

What I'd really like to do is have a look at some other details. So let's click through. Here is the actual detail of the service trend and all the results we’ve seen. So let's click to one of the people taking part in that survey, somebody called Danny Tanner. I can see Danny has taken part in five surveys. And overall he's happy to recommend us to friends or colleagues. And perhaps he’s less happy with the other overall service he receives.

This is perhaps a little unusual until I look and see this is actually got one of our basic amplifiers. Now, I'm not so surprised. The kind of person that purchases or rather keep holds of our basic amplifiers, are real enthusiasts. They tend to be a little more critical on average of the actual service but they love the product. Let's take a look at some of the actual surveys we received.

This shows the trend of all the surveys Danny's taken part of. We can see he took part in his first survey in July when he actually wasn't happy to make a recommendation for the business and he wasn't happy with the service. Well, based on that sort of feedback in July and August we've put in place some additional processes to improve the service of people we received. We're very happy then to spot that over time he's now happy with the service and he did recommending us to customers.

As an agent, I'm already logged in. I'm ready to take calls. So, let's see what happens when Danny calls the contact center.

“Thank you for calling Best Tag product support. We see you've recently opened the keys with the following number 3530. If you are calling about your recent case, press one, otherwise press two.”

Well, that's good because I am.

You can see I've gone busy inbound. The case is popped that I need to work on as an agent and I'm going to have a conversation with Danny and hopefully delight him and meet his expectations for service today. So assuming we've done that, let's now release the call and see what happens during the survey.

"Thank you for taking part at our short customer satisfaction survey. The survey consists of two questions and the option to leave a voice message. Let's get started. Were you satisfied with your service today? For yes, press one. For no, press two."

Well I was, so I'll say yes.

"Would you recommend our company and products based on your service today? If yes, press one, if no press two."

I would.

"Please provide any specific comments after the tone. Press the pound key when you are finished. "

Hi, it's Danny. I'm really pleased that you are now asking me if I've got an open case and are routing the call to the person who's working on my case. So, great. Thanks very much.

"Thank you for taking time to complete this short survey. Your input is very much appreciated. Goodbye."

So let's see what happens. Let me remove the case from the screen. If I scroll down I can see the latest voice survey took part on the 22nd of September at 3:46 and that indeed is today, San Francisco time.

Let's take a look at the actual survey. Well, the number Danny dialled was that number. The unique call reference is this which means I can take a look at the call recording and if I need easier than that I can click here to obtain it. I can actually see that Danny was happy with the service today and he did indeed recommend our company to a friend or colleague. Thanks for watching.