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Nirvaha Commissions overview

Nirvaha Commissions is the only on-demand commission application that can be configured to meet your specific business without requiring upfront professional services. Nirvaha handles plans from the most basic to the most complex, including plans with:

* Base commissions
* Single and multiple accelerators
* Individual and group quotas
* Recurring commission payments, residuals, and trails
* Splits, draws, claw-backs
* Commissions calculated from revenue, gross margin, units sold
* Multi-currency support
* and much more


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United States, Australia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, United Kingdom

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Nirvaha Commissions pricing

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Estimated Yearly Cost: $699;
Pricing varies on a per user basis. Avoid huge set up fees! Nirvaha is available by subscription, and without and upfront costs.

Nirvaha Commissions features


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Additional information for Nirvaha Commissions

Key features of Nirvaha Commissions

  • Support for simple and complex commission plans.
  • Dashboards for commission earnings, payments and attainment.
  • Base commissions, accelerators, quotas, and overrides.
  • Recurring commission earnings and payments by schedule.
  • Multiple commission rules for different items sold.
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Make the Software Work with Your Plan, Not the Other Way Round

Existing commission software requires businesses to pay significant upfront professional services fees to implement your specific commission plan; OR you will have to change your commission plan to accommodate the software's capabilities. Nirvaha's commission software eliminates these issues. Your specific commission plan will work smoothly without requiring upfront professional services. Get up and running in less than a day with our QuickStart program.