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Nirvaha Quoting overview

Nirvaha's Quotes, Billings, and Commissions software serves to automate both quote and order creation, commission plans and payments as well as tracking for deliverables, billings, and revenue recognition. Nirvaha's detailed dashboards provide real time visibility on sales related financial information, and offer integration with both QuickBooks and SalesForce com.

With Nirvaha Quoting, organizations can create quotes from their pre-existing templates and item lists in seconds. With the click of a button, users can specify rich text document templates (including images) to be used for creating quotes. Sales teams can then create quotes automatically by selecting items, units and discounts. Once created, quotes are easily shared for review or approval, dramatically reducing time spent in the quote creation process. Quotes are visible, accurate, consistent and traceable – including your logo in quote for a professional appearance and more effective marketing . The Nirvaha application is fully customizable, with full control over in-quote discount limits given to finance teams. As a result, sales teams no longer risk over discounting, eliminating quote-to-order complications.

Nirvaha’s Billing capabilities help to ensure that Sales and Finance teams are better connected, providing real time visibility into commission earnings, payments and sales performance. Using the Billing Calendar Dashboard, Finance teams see when billings are due, and can create invoices by batch to be sent to customers. For On-demand products, billings are automatically calculated based on usage and transaction data. Once invoices are created, they can be exported to Excel and integrated with QuickBooks.


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Pricing varies on a per user basis. Avoid huge set up fees! Nirvaha is available on a subscription basis, with no upfront costs. For more information, please call: (206) 749-2497

Nirvaha Quoting features

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Key features of Nirvaha Quoting

  • Create quotes from pre-existing templates and item lists.
  • Select items units and discounts to create quotes instantly.
  • Makes quotes visible, accurate, consistent and traceable.
  • Eliminate quote-to-order complications.
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