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Odyssee Sales

Easy and fast order entry for Sales reps: more sales and less administration

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Odyssee Sales overview

What is Odyssee Sales?

Odyssee Mobile Sales not only allows you to do order entry at the customer with a full featured offline catalog, accurate stock situations and customer prices, but also gives you a full dashboard overview of your individual sales activities or from the complete Sales Team if you are the sales manager.

With a centralized calendar and a visit report tool, track the number of times a customer is visited, use visit frequencies to rank customers and let the call planning make suggestions who should be visited first.

Finally, synchronize all data from and to your ERP. Send orders directly through to the ERP for shipping and get the updated stock situations.

Odyssee Mobile also allows you to handle Sales organizations and Territories, allowing to handle sales teams per Organization/Territories, and also prices, item channels and much more.

As a cloud solution, Odyssee Mobile is scalable from a few users till 1000+ teams. Read the success stories on our website and just start today!


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United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, China and 3 other markets, India, Japan, Germany

Supported languages

English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Turkish
Odyssee Sales screenshot: Create orders using the catalog view from 12 items on the screen to just 1 itemSales Force Automation - 360° Customer OverviewOdyssee Sales screenshot: All the information for the Sales Rep in one overviewOdyssee Sales screenshot: Centralized Sales Rep CalendarsOdyssee Sales screenshot: Manage Product presentationsOdyssee Sales screenshot: Quick OrderingOdyssee Sales screenshot: Build your own Field QuestionnairesOdyssee Sales screenshot: Easy to take ordersOdyssee Sales screenshot: List view

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Bjorn Nagels - Director Nagels Pet Products

First class professionalism

Reviewed 2013-03-04
Review Source: GetApp

We've been looking for a field sales automation software that integrates with our ERP for quite a while. We are very satisfied having found Odyssee Mobile Sales. Our company is always looking for the extra mile, not only to offer a complete assortment of pet food products, but also to optimize the full ordering processes. Odyssee Mobile works very smoothly, saves lots of time and is very user-friendly.

time-saving, eliminates all administrative errors

Sales reps can't do without anymore. Manual order taking is awful once you get to know Odyssee Mobile Sales:)

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Marc Vranckx, CEO Vranckx nv

A must have for sales reps

Reviewed 2013-02-26
Review Source: GetApp

Odyssee Mobile Sales brought us a big change. Our vendors take orders on their Windows 8 Tablets. It works fast and easy and is fully integrated with our ERP. Sales reps always have the latest stock situation, prices, promo's, novelties. Odyssee is a must have for sales reps.

Easy to use, fast, fully integrated with our ERP, really excellent catalog builder

A case for holding the tablet is needed when using the scanner.

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Hans Van Durme - Director Bicobel

Transparency in the sales cycle

Reviewed 2013-03-12
Review Source: GetApp

Bicobel sells exclusive sweets to bakeries and chocolate shops. Every season we work with special themes such as Easter, Christmas, ... The sales reps visit our regular customers and take orders. Previously, they had to fax all the orders in the evening and the next day someone at the office had to key them in the ERP. Thanks to Odyssee Connect, all this is now simplified and works automatically. Our ERP processes the orders immediately, which is time saving. Since we go to places where no mobile connection is available, we appreciate being able to work online as well as offline. This was for me a must when looking for a sales application. Another advantage is that the solution has not only a mobile sales app, but also a web portal. Internal sales people can go to the portal and do a close follow up of the sales reps: calendar, meetings, dashboards, visit reports. Everything is transparent and immediately at their disposal. Odyssee Mobile has proved our organization a large service.

works offline/online, easy integration with back-office software, the web portal for internal sales


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Odyssee Sales pricing

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License subscription and renewal on a monthly/annual basis. No implementation costs as it is a cloud solution with a webportal and automatic download of the offline mobile client. Integration with any ERP can be done by you using the API or Odyssee Connect.

Odyssee Sales features


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Key features of Odyssee Sales

  • Quick Order Entry
  • Digital Catalog with images
  • Full Customer list and info
  • Order Entry with Barcode scanning
  • Order Entry from Catalog view with image display
  • Order Entry from customer history
  • Centralized product presentations/documents
  • Customer specific pricing management
  • Offline access to complete items details
  • Centralized Calendar for Sales Reps
  • Instant messaging to all sales reps in the field
  • Automatic emailing of orders to customers
  • Build & manage Visit Reports
  • Editable dashboards
  • Trade Fair app
  • Manage Collections, Seasons, Presales, ...
  • Integration with any ERP
  • Build & manage sophisticated product catalogs
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1- Write more orders, quicker
2- Order using list view, catalog view with images or barcode scanning view
3- Scale with the cloud
4- Works off- and online
5- Improve accuracy, save time and money