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OptifiNow Lead Management

Lead management module for sales professionals

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OptifiNow Lead Management overview

What is OptifiNow Lead Management?

OptifiNow Lead Management is a Web-based lead generation and nurturing module for sales professionals that enables real-time tracking of leads at each stage of the sales funnel. The module allows sales executives to generate higher volume of qualified leads by integrating with numerous lead sources.

The lead distribution feature allows organizations to customize lead routing programs enabled by push and pull platforms. The module’s lead nurturing feature enables communication with the prospects besides sending relevant documents at different stages of buying process. In addition, it also enables sales professional to automate follow-up reminders and emails based on predefined business rules.

OptifiNow Lead Management reporting feature allows sales professionals to analyze lead data by utilizing data mining tools and generate insights such as sales forecasts and campaign performance.


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Additional information for OptifiNow Lead Management


OptifiNow Lead Management is a cloud-based lead generation and nurturing module for sales executives that allows real-time tracking of leads at each stage of buying process.
The module integrates with numerous websites and marketing channels to generate qualified leads.
OptifiNow Lead Management automates the lead routing process by utilizing push and pull platforms.
Leads are nurtured by sharing content with the prospects via email, direct mail, short messaging service (SMS) and social posts.
The module enables the monitoring of sales professionals’ performance by providing analysis of conversion rates, win/loss analysis, campaign analysis, and sales forecasts.
OptifiNow Lead Management system automates and streamlines influx of numerous leads from varied sources such as paid search, social platforms, websites, banner, and emails.