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Pepperi use case: George Davos

George Davos

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5th of August, 2016
Best B2B software for mobile sales

Our sales reps in the field were taking orders using individually different methods during the day and then those orders would have to be transmitted via email or handed in and then manually inserted into the ERP software. This ALWAYS created problems with order accuracy, stock availability and credit control. Our office & warehouse staff would be tied up on the phones for many hours advising sales reps of account status and stock availability and not to mention the issues with inaccurate orders in the distribution cycle. We needed something that could mirror our ERP information on a real-time basis to our sales reps so that they could accurately take orders and manage their customer base. When we first considered this software, we were skeptical on how effective it would be in our business and how more importantly, using an international support service would work for us in a different time zone. After some teething problems working with a local Pepperi integration partner in Sydney, we have now been up and running for over 15 months using the software religiously. Most of the problems we had were due to the way our ERP system was being used and our data capture. Once our integration people sorted that out the only errors we had were genetic issues with networks and the way our ERP was being used. On average we now push through over 500 orders a week without fail. Our accounts staff are no longer desk bound and our sales process is completely mobile to a point where it's now rare that a sales order will be entered directly via the ERP system rather than through Pepperi. For us, this software has given us a completely new perspective on how much more we can automate our processes so I really have only good things to say in this review. If I were pressed to find a negative then all I could say is that the cost of the subscription is more expensive than many other competitive products though from where I sit now, it's well worth the investment. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why did I write a review? I was asked to share my experience by my integrator as they are proud of the work they have done and therefore would like others to know about this space. I am a real customer in Sydney Australia, I pay annually for both my Pepperi licences and integration. I also recommend to many of my colleagues and customers this software.

What do you like best?

Where do you start? Great integration into ERP with many live features including CRM Activities, Mobile receipt printing, instant stock updates, live account balances, sales filters, multiple catalog, special pricing, inventory matrix..

What do you dislike?

Cost is higher & Must have a local support partner to setup properly.

Why did you end up selecting Pepperi over other applications?

I have listed all these reasons in my review

What is your main use case with Pepperi?

This was included in my review

Give one example how Pepperi has improved the way your organization functions

This was included in my review

What is your ROI?

I would estimate approx: 6 months.

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Recommendations to others considering Pepperi

Ensure you integrate your ERP. This is the key to the software. Engage with a local partner Take time in preparing the working data to get it right.

Time used

1-2 years

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