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Machine learning pricing for revenue management

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Prix is a real time machine learning platform that helps revenue managers within innovative small to mid size hotels or chains, as well as other hospitality, travel, fitness, and events organizations. The solution delivers state of the art forecasting and pricing optimization, and gives access to a fully featured, intuitive dashboard with real time recommendations.

Prix’s mission is to reverse-engineer price from commercial goals, strategies and the countless variables which can affect demand. The platform is powered by Sybil, the solution’s proprietary forecasting and pricing engine. Users are able to connect to their existing cloud property management software (PMS) to review strategies and begin implementing price changes.

Features include dynamic pricing, channel analysis, customer analysis, price optimization automation, price testing, pricing analytics, profitability analysis and scenario planning.


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prix screenshot: Our dashboard presents all the information that you need to make decisions about pricing hotel rooms.

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Priced by value, examples below are illustrations:
25-room hotel: £150 per month
50-room hotel: £300 per month
200-room hotel: £1,000 per month

prix features

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Key features of prix

  • Pricing analytics
  • Channel analysis
  • Price optimization automation
  • Price testing
  • Revenue management
  • Forecasting engine
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Pricing engine
  • Integration with cloud PMS solutions
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Multiple data stream analysis
  • Competitor pricing
  • Proprietary algorithms
  • Profitability analysis
  • Scenario planning
  • Customer analysis
  • Real-time pricing
  • Artificial intelligence
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Prix offers artificial intelligence and proprietary algorithms to deliver state of the art forecasting and pricing optimization.

The platform includes an intuitive, fully featured dashboard with real time recommendations that help businesses effectively review their strategies.

Prix' real time machine learning solution for hospitality allows revenue managers to focus more time on providing their guests a better experience.

Prix users are provided with Sybil, the solution's proprietary forecasting and pricing engine.

The platform is flexible and simple to implement, and can be integrated with any major existing cloud property management software (PMS).