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PROS Quote2Win

Sales and quotations platform

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PROS Quote2Win overview

PROS Quote2Win is a sales communication platform that enables sales managers and sales reps to automatically generate quotations based on quality and profitability as well as chat and make business notes. The PROS Quote2Win software was designed to speed up sales processes by creating an effective communication channel with sales optimization.

The PROS Quote2Win teams provide package consultation and ongoing support for users as well as online tutorials and videos. PROS Quote2Win users can create custom dashboards and reports that allow senior sales leads the ability to generate reports and manage sales success.


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PROS Quote2Win features


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Additional information for PROS Quote2Win

Key features of PROS Quote2Win

  • Generate quotes
  • Integrate sales teams
  • Discover purchase patterns
  • Identify high value deals
  • Manage employee success
  • Eredicate under selling
  • Sales insights
  • Sales trends
  • Auto-generates proposals
  • Prioritizes sales opportunities
  • Create dashboards
  • Online sales coaching
  • Drop and drag quotation
  • Deal quality feedback
  • Custom reporting
  • Internal communication
  • Video tutorials
  • Social media channel
  • Online support
  • Free online pricing
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Automatic quotations and sales insights: The PROS Quote2Win platform will automatically identify the best price for a certain product for a certain client - based on sales performance and sales trends.

Purchasing patterns and deal evaluation: PROS Quote2Win provides insights in sales trends and 'what's selling and what's not' patterns, this data enables you to push high quality leads and not spend too much time on under-achieving leads.

Internal communications and channelling: PROS Quote2Win acts as a communication tool with complete sales transparency amongst managers and reps. Staff can communicate and place notes/feedback on leads and sales within the network.

Online support and videos: PROS Quote2Win have an array of tutorials online to help get you started from initial inception to ongoing queries. The online sales team will provide accurate package quotations and the support team are available ongoingly.

Reporting and dashboard: With PROS Quote2Win you can create a custom dashboard for you and your staff. Custom sales and lead reports enable you to identify trends and the performance of staff members.