eRep CPQ + Features

eRep CPQ +

Product Select, Price, Quote, Submittals, Order Automation

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eRep CPQ + Feature Summary

  • Automates the rep sales process
  • Integrates with existing ERP and CRM applications
  • Multiple sales channels can be set up with multiple brands
  • Built-in email for channel communication
  • Handles multiple channels, variable multipliers, brands
  • Multi-branding
  • Open API can integrate with almost any ERP
  • Maintain your pricing in configurator module or ERP
  • BCA can customize the workflow to meet specific needs
  • Generates quotes with specifications, terms and submittals
  • See quote activity as well as sales
  • Know who is quoting what and when
  • Report on what users are using program - and who is not.
  • Product Pricing Configuration
  • Can integrate with most popular CRMs API
  • Parts Module
  • Customer Service Module
  • Allows manufacturers to configure simple to very complex
  • Each customer is segmented by region, type, brand
  • Integrates with manufacturer's website
  • Mobile ready
  • One -click product submittals
  • Engineering Product Selections
  • Sales Intelligence modules provide sales forcasts
  • Import your existing selection and pricing data
  • Open API can integrate with any database
  • Emails are automatically sent through the sale process
  • Sales orders are generated for configured products and parts
  • Tracks jobs, quotes, orders by user, customer, region, etc.
  • Sales Analytics
  • Projects and Jobs
  • Multi-channel Support

eRep CPQ + Features In Depth


Proparts eRep makes pricing configurable products quick and easy on any device. It handles everything from single parts to extremely complex Engineer-To-Order products and everything in between. The back-end rules engine takes care of all those standard, special, and complex rules while making it simple to understand for the sales person.

Pricing and configuration rules can be uploaded from spreadsheets or automatically via your existing ERP system.

Pricing is fully integrated with product and project submittals for quoting. Attaching prices to line items within your eRep system should ultimately save your salespeople hours of time, since it means they will no longer have to prepare from pricing pages. Instead, sales reps will be able to click on a button to immediately create full product submittals, which can then be attached to the quote that’s given to the customer/client.

Engineering Selection

Protoparts eRep has a fully integrated engineering selection module that allows sales and designers to enter design conditions and obtain engineering performance of the products.

Everything is fully integrated with pricing/configuration and submittal generation for fast and easy project schedules, quotes, submittals, and orders.

Submittal Generation

Project submittals eat up a good portion of a sales rep’s time. Protoparts eRep has been able to use technology to expedite this process, with an application framework that seamlessly generates submittals to meet all existing requirements.

When you use Protoparts eRep, you can decrease the time you spend on submittal generation. One-click product submittals are a key component of the platform. Submittals can be generated on desktop computers or mobile devices, and they’re less likely to contain the types of costly errors that delay lead times.

CRM Module

The Protoparts eRep web-based platform offers an optional pre-built CRM module designed for businesses in the manufacturing industry. Protoparts eRep also uses EDI and XML technology to integrate with top ERP/CRM apps, including SAP, Intuitive, Fourth Shift, Microsoft, Salesforce, and others.

Protoparts eRep CRM supports all common CRM functions, which may include customer touch point management and customer service. The platform gives sales reps a way to track all customer questions and ultimately improves the service that companies are able to provide. The key differentiator is that it is completely integrated with everything the sales force is doing so there is no re-typing of anything related to opportunities, quotes, orders, projects, etc. No other CRM can claim this – your customers are doing all the work and it flows to the right person’s CRM dashboard.

When a customer calls, you have all their contacts, projects, quotes, orders within a click or two.

Sales Forecasting

Using the data that’s being collected through the web-based platform, Protoparts eRep is able to offer real-time sales forecasting for product manufacturers. Managers can see how many quotes, submittals, and orders have been inputted into the system, and they can use that information to track their top performers and make revenue projections.

As independent reps, distributors, and inside sales teams input their orders into a manufacturer’s system, Protoparts eRep is learning more and more about the financials of the organization. Sales forecasting tools then give companies an accurate view of the business, with the type of real-time pipeline data that’s often necessary to make strategic management decisions.

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