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Replace PDF sales docs with beautiful, interactive webpages

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What is Qwilr?

Qwilr is a solution that may someday make paper documents obsolete. Rather than using traditional software such as PowerPoint, Word, or Excel to create static, A4/Letter-sized presentations, proposals and quotes, the app’s cloud-based platform allows businesses to turn their quotes, presentations, proposals and other documents into powerful and interactive webpages that look great on any device.

Once these Qwilr Pages have been created, often with the help of templates, users can send them to their clients to be reviewed online. This provides the user with detailed analytics, showing every view and link that’s been clicked by a recipient within an individual Qwilr Page. Advanced features available to premium users include branding, analytics and security controls, the ‘Accept’ button with e-signatures, ‘Pay Now’ options and audit trails, integrations with other apps, multiple user support, and priority/concierge user support.

A tool designed for anyone looking to streamline and modernize their sales cycle, Qwilr is a cloud-based solution that turns business documents into interactive webpages that are easy to build and look great on any device. These webpages (or Qwilr Pages) give users the ability to view detailed analytics and include a variety of other useful business tools.

Ideal for people who send quotes, proposals, or presentations to clients on a frequent basis, Qwilr is typically used by freelancers, small businesses, and mid-size businesses – although it has a powerful enterprise product as well. The solution is entirely web-based, enabling users to quickly create content that looks great on any device. Qwilr’s top features include an easy-to-use webpage creator/editor (+ quoting tool), page analytics and security, and an ‘Accept’ button with digital signatures and e-payments. It integrates with Slack and several popular accounting apps and CRMs. People at all levels of technical skill can create webpages with Qwilr.